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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    There are ~4 companies and they have more work than they can handle. We’re not exactly the easiest outfit to contract with.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    That bites you in the ass because they tend to do well where they can’t do any harm, then they come back and try to supervise... disaster ensues.
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    This is the only one we want, we don’t care how much it costs. Now how much do you want? Just take my money.
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    In split decision, Supreme Court says the federal carbon price is constitutional

    Manitoba (or rather the Feds on their behalf) has accounted a bit for the lack out transportation alternatives in rural areas, anyone living outside Winnipeg gets a larger refund than those living inside the city.
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    They approved my tinnitus based off a slight hearing loss on my first audiogram after being in Afghanistan, apparently the particular frequency I lost is known to cause tinnitus. Still fighting for hearing loss, they don’t like that it’s only on one side.
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    Silver Flying Badges - Initial Issue

    Pilot wings are available.
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    You need more people and parts to have two fleets of x aircraft than you do to have one fleet of 2x aircraft because you end up having to duplicate people/parts.
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    Unit Copyright

    It says 424 right on it
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    Unit Copyright

    Does the CAF typically enforce copyright? This company is clearly using 424s mascot. https://steeltowngarage.com/products/cold-weather-bomber?fbclid=IwAR2pIogIxab9RT4V6eqi6nRYPDyc1nMe4kRPJ2e9NSaJPt_YGInTilY4rRE
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    The future of Primary Flight Training in the RCAF

    It’s not just pilots, there’s Navs, Aesops, probably some more. I think the requirement is to spit out the same quality at the end, so the phase bit might not stay, there’s more incentive to keep it rolling as you wouldn’t have skill loss that we have now between phases. I bet there will be a...
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    Hearing Aids

    I could definitely use one of those when I need to change the microphone filter!
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    The standard has been ‘relaxed’ here as they’ve all been closed for months. I’ve seen some taking it to the extreme, probably falls under the ‘supervising’ bubble of someone else.
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    If someone ‘protects the force’ by not exposing himself to the barber does that fall under initiative or reliability?
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    Cold Storage in Norway

    Sir, what should we do with all this money we can’t spend? I dunno, buy some gear and hide it in a cave somewhere!
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    When it first came in I said the same thing... about a week later Portage-la-Prairie flooded and I had to send a bunch of pilots to fill and pile sandbags.
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    USCG doesn’t have a fitness test, they have weight limitations. Their aircrew has an annual swim test overseen by the swimmers. Though in fairness it would be pretty obvious if someone failed the swim test.
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    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    You appear to be getting spammed, I see a crap ton of new posts and a few that I’ve checked are questionable looking hyperlinks.
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    But but, can they put it on an iPad? And tell you that if you go faster next year you’ll get more points?
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    They've been shut down in Winnipeg since last Feb, so everyone here will be expired.
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    Non-Commissioned Pilots in the RCAF Discussion

    I can’t seem to find the bit complaining about hiring an AAR pilot without A310 experience, but it does seem the big hoopla was about hiring foreign pilots when the Air Force could ‘just’ train them...