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  1. How is your day going?

    Just thought I'd ask people how their day is going? Today is the 21st day of 21st year of the 21st century. We've made it so far!
  2. What type of APC is this?

    Apparently the soldiers in the picture are QOR. Location is Toronto. The year is 1954. The task is assistance to civil power after storm damage. I didn’t think Canada had a tracked APC in the 50’s. It’s not an M113. Notice the top of the sides are flared.
  3. And the award for the funniest advertisement of 2020 goes to...

    Match.com:  https://youtu.be/KABSYzPqTTg
  4. Helicopters at work- Powerline Construction in Alaska

    Thread title says it all. What a fascinating video and the work must have been an awesome experience for all.  We see Wilson Powerline  helicopters flying up the valley heading north quite often. Seems like a well run, highly efficient organization. https://youtu.be/5ygUlCERrug
  5. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Tac Vest Beverage Insulator: This was interesting if you know of someone who might appreciate a unique little gift or need to suggest one: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHrN4RpFtQp/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. Hungarian Army modernization

    - 20 H145M - 44 newly manufactured LEOPARD 2 A7 - 24 newly manufactured PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers today they announced they are acquiring and manufacturing 218 Lynx KF 41: https://thedeaddistrict.blogspot.com/2020/09/hungarian-government-confirms-lynx-kf41.html
  7. Apocalypse 45 Documentary

    This flick is supposedly very much like They Shall Not Grow Old: https://www.discovery.com/shows/apocalypse-45 War in the Pacific in 1945. "A lot of people say that war is hell, but I didn't think hell would be this bad" Cheers
  8. RCN Weapons System (historical, current, planned)

    We do not have a thread of RCN weapons systems that is recent, so thought I would start a new one. I saw today the attached images in a twitter thread from HMCS Winnipeg. There is a video of Hammerhead UTV taking a pounding from 3 guns at close range  (Bofors, Phalanx and the new NWRS). So it...
  9. ADF to acquire long range missile strike capability

    Looks like the ADF is gaining a larger mission envelope: https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/new-missiles-for-defence-in-270b-arms-build-up-20200630-p557kg Article doesn’t layout exactly what the missile is, but sure sounds like Tomahawk and the 200 LRASM requested and approved this past February.
  10. Seattle is Dying- a video from Mar 2019

    A video well worth watching in the age of "defund the police"; weak mayors, homelessness, citizen frustration etc.  Not specific to BLM, but I have to wonder how much of the subjects in the video are at work and maybe behind the CHAZ/CHOP. https://youtu.be/bpAi70WWBlw Note also this comment ...
  11. Recognition Game - Images of Historical Battlefields

    What historical battlefield is this? Post an image, then one more as a further hint. First correct answer goes next or pass to someone else. Cheers.
  12. I was a cable guy...

    Excellent article about life in America for women working in some trades ... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cable-tech-dick-cheney-sex-dungeon_n_5c0ea571e4b06484c9fd4c21
  13. Boosting wifi range

    Can anybody recommend a wifi range extender that actually works? I need to boost signal strength out to 400 feet. This is supposedly within range of my Telus supplied Huawei wireless router, but the thing drops signal most of the time. It’s not an option to bury a cable, and the router can not...
  14. Breakfast Personality Test

    3-A. Anything else is deviant or Air Force.
  15. ADF Assistance to Bush Firefighting

    Looks like the ADF has really ramped up support to the firefighting effort. Note use of fuel trucks, water trucks, Hercules and Globemaster, helicopters, engineers, field kitchens, naval ships, helicopters, ISTAR etc.: https://news.defence.gov.au/national/defence-boosts-bushfire-support
  16. New Vets and 60’s Vets

    Neat little video: https://youtu.be/x2L3skZ7FEw Cheers
  17. Royal Navy - Two Aircraft Carrier Navy

    With HMS Queen Elizabeth on Westlant 19 picking up some of her F35's, HMS Prince of Wales put to sea on a trial yesterday. She's not going to be operational for a few more years, but this is another big step for the RN. ...
  18. 75th Anniversary of Market Garden

  19. No time to lose- RCAF Training Film

    "Can you do as well as Dixon?" https://youtu.be/3HJH5yC1_-g
  20. Ottawa must pay 40,000 to every First Nations child in welfare system

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/child-welfare-on-reserve-compensation-1.5272667 This has been a long time building. It won’t just be children but parents and grandparents. Total cost is huge, but it has to be paid. I wasn’t aware the CHRC could make such a sweeping, multi billion dollar...