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  1. Story of Pte Michelle Norris MC

    Interesting story about at young British Medic in Iraq in 2006. MM
  2. British Military Current Events

    I always laughed at how UNPROFOR stuck the ARGBAT and one BRITBAT in the same sector in Croatia at one point...WTF were they thinking? Just answered my own question, - I remember I used to call the command STUNNEDPROFOR for a reason.
  3. Gunfighting and Neuroscience: Why Using Your Front Sight Might Kill You

    Was that because they were shooting out of ambush or just poor marksmanship?
  4. Medical Cannabis Use in the CAF

    You apparently missed this: DAOD 9004-1, Use of Cannabis by CAF Members - Canada.ca
  5. What type of APC is this?

    Ummm....never mind...
  6. Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    My eldest did apparently have to do the personality test as part of the testing. As for the training institution you speak of, I worked there in a clinical capacity - yeah, there were a lot of folks that obviously ticked the boxes they wanted people to see and then managed to get through with...
  7. Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    There is a certain irony to this - having those qualifications allows the member to moonlight and add to their professional development by seeing things they wouldn't otherwise see. Much like the Maintenance of Clinical Competency Programs for MO's, PA's, Med Techs, RN's, etc in the Medical...
  8. Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

    Let them eat it... I'm reminded of wandering into my UMS one sunny day in Port au Prince in 2004 to find a bunch of Chinese combat police in my treatment bay getting a tour.  I asked the terp "WTF are these guys and why are they here?"  Terp responds "They're Chinese National Police and they're...
  9. What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Mr Brightside by The Killers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVlfINuDdKE&list=RD3mLPxaCTvzc&index=2 MM
  10. OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Was an '82 pattern belt with suspenders...with a KBar taped to it  ::). MM
  11. Funny Pix & Video Thread

    Sounds like most of my career...particularly the beginning of the end of it.
  12. Consideration for the Victoria Cross - Afghanistan

    I remember reading somewhere that the joke going around was that Smokey Smith actually got the VC for engaging a tank with a PIAT from the standing position as opposed to what the remainder of the citation indicated... MM
  13. Max Ward

    Used to see the blue/red Twin Otters in Yelloknife all the time - both at the actual as well as float plane airports.  Also flew to the UK for my 9th birthday present with my Grand Dad.  MM
  14. Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Let me guess - they had to "Ferret out" the bombs? ::) MM
  15. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    Joe Biden's campaign? MM
  16. "It seemed Like a Good Thing to do at the Time" - Your Humorous Stories

    Just got out of the Regular Force and was in Portage la Prairie's ER working while waiting for my proper job out of town to start.  Old diagnostic imaging requisitions had a line "Is this patient pregnant?" and you had to write "Yes" or "No".  I've been there maybe less than a week...XRay tech...
  17. Word association (just for fun)

  18. British Military Current Events

    You're not saying "teeny, tiny" because Ant Middleton is pretty short are you? :tsktsk: 8) MM
  19. "B-52s to fly over all 30 NATO member states"

    I'd go then with either "The Chinless Wonder" or "The Pumpkin Windbag". MM
  20. "B-52s to fly over all 30 NATO member states"

    The one that likely needs extra strength Viagra just to make it visible... MM