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    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Very nice Mike! I'll have to get used to it and find my way around again :) Any rate over all, I like it :) Abdullah
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Multiple Stabbings and 2 deaths in Quebec city

    Yeah, I am done with this year. Saddens me, when things like this happen at home.. I guess I am a desensitized pos when I hear about other countries  :( May god be with them all and the deceased rest in peace. Abdullah
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    Kudos to the Moderators

    Well, I am less active these days.. for many reasons.. regardless I still love this site, mainly, because of how well moder er lets say regulated it is ^^ Keep the good job up guys ^^ Abdullah
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    A College Degree Is No Guarantee of a Good Life

    Within one (oh en ee), year of hiring on at CN Rail, if you hired out of a double sub terminal (or alternatively a road terminal).. I will personally guarantee you will make at LEAST 100k/year (one zero zero) for one year full time employment (excusing if you are a book sick/off addict lol)...
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    Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister says

    Not suprised at all, I have many Pakistani buddies and am acquaintances with many more. I helped refine resumes for some of them looking for work and the... embellishments that were made blew my mind and not small embellishments either. Now I have no baseline aside from Canada on how prevalent...
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    Damages to Vandra

    Thanks Kindly mate, I have ran into them. I do peruse their pages occasionally same with Cruisers forum.. but I got lucky. I was facebooking a year or so ago and ran into the "Robert Perry Fanpage" so since I had a boat designed by Mr.Perry I said what the hell and joined up. I have been BSing...
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    Damages to Vandra

    Amen man, I had originally planned on having my buddy come up and do a week on the water with us. He is a USCG certified 6-pack 100 tonne captain and I told him it would be psuedo Lessons and more Vacation.. he was excited to do it. But that was my plan, just ease into it. I figure over the next...
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    Damages to Vandra

    Haha Nordhavns are quite quite nice boats, but realistically I'll never be able to afford to take one around the world ^^ super clean engine room though, makes me jealous haha and all that room! Haha  yeah I am broke compared to some, my Perkins is running strong and having thought about it a...
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    Derailment and Fatality of a Veteran *Possibly*

    Aye some of those things I can't comment on, I simply do not know. But knowing the income the port brings in for the city of prince rupert and RTI's, DP worlds desire to expand.. I think CN holds all the cards. Right now they are double tracking from m87 all the way out to sockeye m77 over the...
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    The Return of the Premiership

    Boooo! Go ManU!!!!
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    Derailment and Fatality of a Veteran *Possibly*

    Watson Island siding has existed for years. We process propane in RTI the coal/coke terminal and that is new.. the LPG tracks are still being built that can be accessed beside watson island sdg just west of the controlled location on the west end and looks like they will have another entry point...
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    Derailment and Fatality of a Veteran *Possibly*

    Here is a release from CN. Thanks guys. I believe Dan was a Sonar Operator from 2005-2014. I am sure you guys have ways to confirm his service etc. Abdullah
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    Derailment and Fatality of a Veteran *Possibly*

    Hey guys, it is with an extremely heavy heart I am relaying to you the death of a work buddy of mine, who was a veteran. Now I have been caught out being incorrect regarding information before.. so I won't give his name as of right now until it is formally released. I will post here later, once...
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    Macleans: "Who are the Trump-loving Canadians?"

    Sorry guys, I am an opionated fool and will try to maintain myself at a level that is demanded here. Sorry again, I was simply just posting how I talk in real life, with no thought. Sorry.
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    Damages to Vandra

    Thanks mate, it was a nice watch 👍 I heard about when they wrecked on the reef, but never followed them. Seems I missed out :)
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    Macleans: "Who are the Trump-loving Canadians?"

    The jury is definitely still out, Trump just leads right now.. I do not put it past him to screw that up at all though. But one thing that could be a boon to us up here, we are nobodies. Trump is an <edit to comply with site policy> in my opinion, but he is not a fool. I don't like the guy at...
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    Macleans: "Who are the Trump-loving Canadians?"

    Is it really trump loving, if we simply think he is less of an <deleted to comply with site policy> then Trudeau? Trudeau has done things, that have changed my freedoms in a significant material way.. what is wrong with not wanting him? If it is a choice between those two, and only those two, I...
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    The WTF News Files

    I'm worried about you bud..... :S
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    Damages to Vandra

    Oh yeah, I am counting my lucky stars. Speaking of fuel systems, we are installing a professional level polishing system and cleaning our tank out... good inch of sludge was found in the bottom of it :S Last thing I want is to lose power motoring around the islands and need to call tow boat...