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  1. Component Transfer with time out but no credit for previous rank pay scale

    Well, the current policy is found in CBI 204: 204.015(4) (Exception) Qualifying service for pay increments does not include: any service prior to a continuous interruption of more than five years during which no service designated in paragraph (2) was performed, unless the member during the...
  2. Component Transfer with time out but no credit for previous rank pay scale

    Do you mean a former member that is not, or is no longer, on the supplemental reserve list? It is not a Component Transfer (CT) if one is not a member of the Canadian Forces. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/policies-standards.html
  3. ATOC

    The Army National Calendar has the next serial of ATOC DL starting on 19 Apr. You can access the calendar on DWAN: https://acims.mil.ca/trg/AITIS/SiteAssets/ANC_Search.aspx
  4. Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    I am I the only one who read the current Material Management Tech job description and got the impression that they purchase, warehouse, and ship "obsolete stock and equipment"? From Forces.ca: Manage the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stock control and disposal of obsolete stock...
  5. The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    I fail to see the importance of CPIC processing WRT reduced hiring of new CAF members during the pandemic. The main issue seems to be reduced capacity to train new members, resulting in less new offers of employment going out. I think the following article better highlights some of the current...
  6. Bankruptcy and joining the military

    canadian13, until a bankruptcy is discharged, it represents a current, ongoing legal obligation that makes a CAF applicant "ineligible" for file processing. Once the bankruptcy is discharged, then it is something that would be reviewed as part of the reliability screening.
  7. My CIC Application Odyssey

    Buck_HRA, as you stated the restrictions are both local and national. Local restrictions do not fall neatly within the CFRC AORs, but are by health region and city. Some CFRCs span several provinces, so the rsstrictions can vary significantly by Det.
  8. My CIC Application Odyssey

    Buck_HRA, Ontario is split between two different CFRCs, as you listed... not including Thunder Bay and the majority of Northern Ontario, which fall under CFRC Prairies & The North. However, Ontario is generally broken down into 4 regions: Southwestern , Central, Eastern, and Northern. Ontario...
  9. My CIC Application Odyssey

    LittleBlackDevil, you were informed by the recruiting centre that no CIC applications were being processed in Southwestern Ontario. That is CFRG direction specific to the region, not created locally, due to current pandemic restrictions and the requirement that CIC interviews must be conducted...
  10. Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    "Once a gunner, always a gunner"
  11. Getting commissioned after NCM

    haq_gamer, as for your question regarding the Special Commissioning Plan (SCP), the information can be found online (link below). To apply, you need to have met Operational Functional Point in your MOSID. It is also highly desirable to have comments from your Commanding Officer substantiating...
  12. Getting commissioned after NCM

    haq_gamer, if what you actually want is to be a Navy officer, I recommend requesting to redo the CFAT. Regardless of the entry plan (ROTP, DEO, SCP, UTPNCM, CFR), you will need to meet the minimum cut-off for an officer on the CFAT. While serving as an NCM may be valuable experience, it is not...
  13. Officer to NCM

    TristanF, you just need to ask the recruiter to change your application.
  14. Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    JwtNB, I recommend printing your Recce Proformas (or Fire Plan Proforma, if on the FOO course) on "rite in the rain" (water proof) paper... worth every penny. Also, use a 0.9mm mechanical pencil, if not already doing so. I've never found need for any proformas or aide memoires outside of the...
  15. Mountain Warfare - Medical Officer

    306FL306, While it is theoretically possible for a Medical Officer to complete the Basic Parachutist or Mountain Warfare course, it is very unlikely. As a doctor, of which the CAF is constantly short of, you will primarily be employed providing medical care, in a clinic. Sending a doctor...