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  1. Canadian Police Enter Citizens Home

    Fox commentary, a talk radio station that can't spell Gestapo, 'rona-spreaders, and Ezra Levant. Nice lineup.
  2. Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    That was what I was circling around: using the light battalions as a ready source of training teams who'd (at a completely outsider guess) be able to support common (e.g. Basic, PLQ, etc.), infantry, and whatever infantry-lite/shared soldier skills evolutions the non-infantry militia units need...
  3. Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Would there be utility to having what're presumably the cheapest sort of Regular soldier on tap to support Reserve training, whether as actual instructors or through using their own readiness process as a frame off which to hang Reserve training? Also, is a light battalion the desired deployable...
  4. IMP’s

    Worth noting the CCO-issue MREs are a very stripped-down selection from the US menu. I'd be incredibly happy with cadets returning to the former situation with IMPs: a reliable disposal solution for near-expiry meals. https://www.dla.mil/TroopSupport/Subsistence/Operationalrations/mre.aspx...
  5. Lucasfilm fires 'The Mandalorian' star Gina Carano after offensive social media posts

    Re: masks, N95s are pretty bog standard in carpentry settings, especially working with pressboard (masonite, homasote, etc.) and other creators of fine dusts. Would be nice to see the scope widened on some of the "leave those masks for those who need them" messaging, as well as on the pushback...
  6. 6 Jan 2021 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    Interesting how a country so set on avoiding monarchy or dictatorship managed to create such a baroque structure for getting rid of their HoS/HoG: trials, evidence, etc. versus some sort of simple majority in both houses.
  7. Does a merger make sense?

    Who would expect that, what with the USN having its own, in-house sea-soldier outfit?
  8. Does a merger make sense?

    I suppose my bewilderment with the USCG is how far into naval territory they operate: from first principles, that level of coastal defence seems like something to drop on the USN, assuming the States' constitutional arcana re: armed forces and law enforcement don't apply to foreigners. (That...
  9. Does a merger make sense?

    Which I understand is already an option, if the CCG's going somewhere/doing something where having police around would be useful. That said, if there's a need for law enforcement hulls bigger than what Marine Division has now, why mess around with the CCG trying to turn it into (or to create...
  10. Does a merger make sense?

    If there's a need for more on-water enforcement, why not just boost the RCMP's maritime capabilities, or use the KINGSTONs for that, instead of chasing drug-runners down south?
  11. Most new Order of Canada appointees are white men, despite diversity-boosting efforts

    Seems a quota would make sense for a short period, to get management/supervisors in the habit. A few cycles of that should catch most of the low-hanging, "should have been recognized years ago," fruit.
  12. Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    On the communications side, if the CAF can't manage to deliver a comprehensive awareness of its activities, structure, trades, etc. to the cadet organization (a ready-made audience, one of whose three aims is "stimulate an interest of youth in the sea, army and air activities of the Canadian...
  13. Domestic and Arctic Mobility Enhancement Project

    Desgagn├ęs runs with embarked barges (can't remember if any are powered) and tugs for Northern resupply. https://desgagnes.com/en/fleet/
  14. Military bases struggling with personnel shortages, internal review finds

    Would a more vigorous, even less member-needs/wants focused, posting approach for PCat types be worth looking at, to balance the ways in which they're otherwise less useful to the CAF? Wonder how many people suggesting tail trimming are thinking of the oft-mentioned ever-growing HQ issue...
  15. Ram 2500 Drivers Have the Most DUIs, More Than Twice the National Average

    Dreadful sightlines for the driver, and the tailgate's migrated to around five-ton height, just to make things even better. Really no explanation for the continued bloat other than style: not like beds have grown by much, if anything, and even a crew cab only needs to be so big. When the old...