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  1. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Holy shit! You cracked it!! That's ultimate proof that doctors are pushing the lockdown agenda!
  2. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Just so you know, Sky News Australia is completely biased: Sky News Australia - Media Bias/Fact Check I agree that many news outlets are biased, which is why it makes sense to read from several different sites. It's also good to keep in mind which ones are factual as well. I use this chart...
  3. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Sky News Australia isn't biased? Bullshit. Of course, if you think they're doing "actual journalism" that explains a lot of your posts.
  4. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Yeah, the "leaked" document was a book published in 2015 and openly sold on Amazon. :rolleyes: Sky News Australia is tapping into the global conspiracy set Overall, we rate Sky News Australia Right-Biased based on story selection and editorial positions that mostly favor the right. We also...
  5. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    My bad, I must have skimmed and didn't see that you said essential travelers (who are exempt from quarantine). The 7 million who entered Canada last year weren't all essential workers though. Those who weren't, should have been tested and/or ordered to quarantine. I know when I entered Canada...
  6. All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Do you have a reference for the underlined part? Or is it like your knowledge of "many complications" from vaccines? News article from Dec 2020: There have been more than 7 million entries into Canada since COVID-19 began. Vinette said truck drivers account for the largest group of people...
  7. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    I was under the impression that most were from Alberta so minimal flights would be required. Hey wait, don't we have aircraft?? Okay, scratch that idea. Make sure they have heating, adequate washing facilities (no sharing wash basins), adequate ventilation, adequate spacing between cots/beds...
  8. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    I already posted. Send the sick home to quarantine. Or better yet, call End Ex. So glad I'm retired.
  9. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    Cancel the Ex or send the sick home to quarantine. Here's a question: Did everyone going on Ex have a negative test prior? Have they been in contact with others outside of the Ex?
  10. Your daily 'thing to be afraid of'

    Ha ha, very funny. :rolleyes:
  11. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    How about we just call the virus and variants by their proper names and cease the "That's racist!" "No it isn't!" discussion*? I never mentioned racism in my original post, just requested that the correct name be used. *Unless a Mod wants to split that part off.
  12. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    A BBC article from Feb 2020 The tricky politics of naming the new coronavirus "So what should the ideal name look like? First, it should be unique. Calling the new virus the Wuhan coronavirus would have been problematic, explains Kuhn, who is a member of the International Committee on...
  13. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    My comment was meant for here in these forums where we can actually control what we say, not for what's said in the media.
  14. CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    For future reference: B.1.1.7 P.1 B.1.351 B.1.617 And now there is also B.1.427 and B.1.429, first identified in California in Feb 2021.