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  1. MP (NCM) Recruiting 20/21

    Infantry. The fact that it was a CT, not just an OT, most likely played a role in how long the process took (along with Covid this year).
  2. MP (NCM) Recruiting 20/21

    Got an email invite today to attend Military Police Selection Process (MPSP), I guess it's no longer known as MPAC anymore? Anyways my CT/OT has been in since early 2018 so I'm glad I'm finally making some progress with my application.
  3. MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    Congratulations. How long was your process?
  4. The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    I know of 3 guys who just got a pair of the new boots last week in Gagetown. 
  5. The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    I would stick with issued kit at least until you finish your DP1 and then look around your unit and see what the guys with more time in are wearing, or not wearing, in terms of non-issued kit.
  6. The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    Was gonna get the same boots as my next pair, but they don't make a non-Goretex version of them. I find that my feet get sweaty in Goretex boots and the moisture just gets trapped inside.
  7. CAF Combat boots policy 2005-2018

    Check with your CoC or look and see what other guys are wearing. Some units are more relaxed while some aren't. Your profile says you're still a no hook and on your BMQ-L and trades course it is unlikely you're going to be allowed to wear any non-issued kit so it might be better to get your hook...
  8. Canadian Military/Defence procurement process (Mega Thread)

    Can confirm this. I was there at the townhall a couple weeks ago.
  9. Police searching for 3 Middle Eastern men videotaping Vancouver mall exits

    Pacific Center would sure make an attractive target. Lots of foot traffic and long narrow corridors. According to the VPD press conference today (http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2016/01/15/live-vancouver-police-discuss-reports-of-3-suspicious-men-filming-pacific-centre-mall/) it looks like this...
  10. Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Reminds me of this scene from Pentagon Wars about the M2 Bradley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXQ2lO3ieBA
  11. Help with pull ups

    You're gonna want to train on your pull ups. On my BMQ we had to do pull ups before every meal and on my DP1 we did pull ups every time we entered and left the shacks.
  12. Supplying food item for ration packs

    You can't even call the crap they put in our IMPs "jerky"
  13. November 2015: Paris Bataclan attack/hostage taking

    France invokes EU Article 42.7 and will request a meeting and resolution of the UN Security Council.https://euobserver.com/political/131136
  14. November 2015: Paris Bataclan attack/hostage taking

    Foreign Legion is gonna go to town on them.
  15. Infantry Reserves DP1 [MERGED]

    What brigade are you in? Been hearing rumors about a part time Infantry DP1 Mod 1 being run in Spring 2016 in 39 CBG.