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  1. Dazzle camouflage on HMCS Regina and HMCS Moncton

    But there are Visual/Thermal/electronic means to reduce, even hide, their signatures. Then again, in "peacetime" it seems the CF has skimped on paint in all Branches.  How many Land Fighting Vehicles have a Cam Pattern today?
  2. Alleged PMO obstruction in SNC Lavalin case

    Their fine was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  A few hundred million dollars is nothing compared to the billions of dollars companies are fined in the US. 
  3. DND 404 - Driver's Licence ( merged )

    No, it will not give you a Drivers Licence, of any type. It will, in some provinces, give you a discount on your car insurance.
  4. General Election: Oct 21, 2021

    It seems to me that Justin Trudeau has never been very observant of current events; not even within his own Party.  Long-time LPC supporter and National Post Commentator Stephen LeDrew has been criticizing Trudeau and his Government for over a year now.  His latest commentary on Trudeau's...
  5. The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I noted his DIVISIVE comments in inaccurately stating the policy held by the Conservatives.  This man blames everyone else and is the one who drives division more than any other faction in Canada. Definitely not a nation builder and a unifier of peoples.
  6. General Election: Oct 21, 2021

    True; but we only vote on the Canadian, not the American.  It is our 'leader' that we must be concerned with.  The other we only watch out of curiosity, like a 2 Lt, to see what he will do next.
  7. General Election: Oct 21, 2021

    I tend to agree as well, to the degree that he has a very long history of anti-English diatribes in the past.  He seems to be prejudiced against Whites, English White European stock.....and all other English speaking Canadians to a slightly lesser degree. 
  8. Alleged PMO obstruction in SNC Lavalin case

    I know Justin "experiences 'transparency' differently" than the rest of us Canadians.
  9. Alleged PMO obstruction in SNC Lavalin case

    Would the Obstruction of Justice in investigating an Obstruction of Justice be considered a DOUBLE NEGATIVE = A POSITIVE......ie. It is positive proof that Justin is guilty? :whistle:
  10. Chick-fil-A Derangement Syndrome

    WOW! I had never heard of Chik-fil-A before these protests started, as have many others.  One could never ask for so much FREE ADVERTISING as this.  Any advertising, good or bad, attracts the consumer's attention.  In this case, people are flocking to the business to see what it is all about...
  11. Bringing 'Em Back or Not? (I.D.'ed Cdn ISIS fighters, families, kids?)

    We do have laws pertaining to joining terrorist organizations and leaving the country to join foreign enemies.  Unfortunately, the Government does now have the will to enforce their Laws.
  12. Ak Railroad To link With Canada

    I suppose that could be a factor.  Tunnelling has not been a problem in the past, though.  It was the solution used in the Kicking Horse Pass with the construction of the Spiral Tunnels.  Granted those are in a relatively small concentrated area, not an extended long straight away that would...
  13. Ak Railroad To link With Canada

    I have always wondered why North American's can't solve the problem in the same fashion as it has been done in Europe.  Tunnelling.  Look at the tunnels that run through Switzerland joining France and Italy.  High Speed electric trains on long straightaways 'through' the mountains would be...
  14. Funny Pix & Video Thread

    A blast from the past for anyone who read the Stars and Stripes in Europe: Ah!  The good times.  :whistle: