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Author Topic: the next wave of recruits
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posted 18 May 2021 14:31      Profile for tryingtojoin   Email tryingtojoin   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Can someone fill me in on why the recruitment process takes so long when ships are in harbour with no one to sail them, and regiments across Canada are sceaming for new blood? I know all about standards, and wanting the best people, but the process drags on so long that potential recruits start to look elswhere for employment. How can the CF expect to find 10 000 new people when the red tape B.S. everyone must go through takes 6 months? Who can I call or write to to bitch about this?
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posted 18 May 2021 17:47      Profile for Soldier of Fortune   Email Soldier of Fortune   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The DND site may be getting a e-mail adress in the future...

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posted 23 May 2021 15:07      Profile for ender   Email ender   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
The army is stupid. Everything takes a long time, especially change. This is true with any beurocracy. Get used to it. "hurry up and wait" is practiacally an army motto. "on the bus, off the bus" is one. I'm not saying you shouldn't complain, or try to change things, but you have to remember these things take a lot of time. In the meantime, get used to waiting and red tape.

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Been reading your posts today Being a little cynical are'nt we? Did you go on ex this weekend? Relax and breathe.

Another ?. Are you or your dad (or anyone on the forum for that matter) going to the ORA shoot in Borden this weekend, if so maybe I'll try look you'se up.

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posted 24 May 2021 22:17      Profile for Gunner   Email Gunner   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
It does take along time to get someone in the military. Someone will be better able to quote me but I think CFRCs use a 15 working day (3 week) turnaround for kids trying to join the Reserves. As most Reservists will tell you .. it takes much longer than that.

Part of the trouble is simply the day and age we live in. CFRCs must ensure that a persons rights are not violated and everyone is given an equal opportunity to join the CF. No problems so far.

Part of the trouble is a person is joining the miltary and background checks must be done to ensure they are not some type of terrorist, etc and the enhance reliablity check is done through CSIS.

Part of the trouble lies with the recruit not having proper paperwork and documentation and the CFRC won't do anything until the file is complete.

Part of the trouble is getting in for your interview and medical appointment. Coordinating the recruits and interviewer/MOs schedules.

Part of the trouble is CFRCs that generally don't (I could be wrong) work in the evening and weekends when most people are available.

Remember that when the recruit signs on the dotted line the CF becomes responsible for him/her. If he keels over dead the first day of training the CF is responsible for the big law suit that will follow. If he was physically fit enough to join why did he have a heart attack the first day of training? Why didn't the CF know Pte Bloggins was actually a terrorist and took off with 50 C7 rifles. Why didn't the CF know OCdt Numpty wasn't a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

Anyway, lots of reasons and layered on top is what I consider a poor level of customer service instilled in people by the CF. In general, the attitude is don't make me stay longer than 4 o'clock at the CFRC.

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