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Author Topic: Warrior training???
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posted 22 July 2021 00:06     Profile for longbranch   Author's Homepage   Email longbranch     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
In response to somebody talking about warrior training..

WHAT A LAUGH!! Warrior training! The Canadian military is less and less militaristic as days go by.

Do they even teach things like bayonet drill or hand to hand combat anymore?? I highly doubt it as we are no longer a fighting force but rather one that has been reduced to a politically correct police force. I'd say not even as good as the police..Can't even dig a f*cking trench on a base with a tree hugger raising sh*t.

With disgust to what the military has become.


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posted 22 July 2021 00:55     Profile for Gunner   Author's Homepage   Email Gunner     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

That's your opinion and you entitled to it and because this is a free discussion you are entitled to share it with the rest of us. The army of today is undergoing significant change however, we have also overcome alot of problems that were left to rot during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Is political correctness a problem in the Canadian Military? To a certain extent it is, however, it is an issue that all of Canadian society is dealing with. Why would we be any different?

In answer to some of your very generic comments...

Warrior training is simply a name for an annual refresher more, no less. Bayonet training and hand to hand combat are all still taught (especially in the infantry). Alot of others study different martial arts in their spare time as a hobby. Its not as easy in the 90s to concentrate on some of the core skills, indeed at one point we were sending the same battalion overseas every 18 months (six months preparing to go overseas, six months in theatre, and six months post operation drills and establishment of a training schedule for some type of "normal" army training....oh yes, prepare to go overseas again!

As far as I know you can dig trenches on designated training areas on any base. Usually, the problems stem from land being leased from the provincial government to enable a larger manoeuvre area. If you've ever trained in Europe, you would know what restriction really are and just how small training areas can be.

Based on your very generic comments it's obvious you are really not aware of what goes on in the army. So, if you are going to criticize the military (the army) you are going to have to give examples, vice, running off at the mouth. Over to you Longbranch, do you have anything constructive to say?

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posted 24 July 2021 13:43     Profile for Mr Magoo   Author's Homepage   Email Mr Magoo     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Some of the long-term serving members I've talked with see
today's Army as better-trained, more fit and better-lead than
the Army from the good old days of the 70s and 80s.

Weren't those days wonderful? No Charter of Rights to protect
a soldier from being discriminated or harassed out of the Forces,
rampant drunkeness, often very little PT, units' annual ammo
allotments going only to the shooting team, helos arriving in
the fd to pick up the hockey team for practice or games, "canteen
queens" by the company load per Bn, no operational theatres...

I don't seek to run-down everyone from that era, but there were
problems then, just as there are problems now.

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posted 26 July 2021 21:51     Profile for Runner   Author's Homepage   Email Runner     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
The positive side of warrior training was that it forced some units (who shall remain anonymous) to conduct regular training on basic soldier skills. Perhaps it wasn't perfect, but it beat hanging around the garrison consuming the budget.

I was very dismayed to see the large number of units, especially some of our oldest infantry units, deemed non-viable in a recent study. While there was more involved than basic competence, it was hard to see some of our old D-Day assault regiments at risk of being re-tasked or shut down.

Warrior training was someone's effort, perhaps misguided, to try to fill the training and leadership void that existed (or exists) at certain units. How about some better ideas from the good readership?

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posted 27 July 2021 01:12     Profile for the patriot   Author's Homepage   Email the patriot     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hello All,

I guess we're going around in circles. For those who are interested, this topic has been discussed in earlier threads from this month. To view them, just select the postings going back "100 days" and you will note a thread originating from that point. It might shed some light as to what others are thinking.

-the patriot-

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posted 27 July 2021 01:26     Profile for the patriot   Author's Homepage   Email the patriot     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Since we're at it, I'll add my thoughts to the discourse we're having. I believe that sometimes change is made for the sake of change. With Warrior Training, there was a standard set for everyone in basic soldiering skills. It is no different that a doctor or teacher having to do refresher training for new styles of teaching or learning about new prescription drugs on the market. Warrior Training was the same in thought and philosophy. Now if one were to compare the state of affairs we're in now, I'd say things are somewhat worse. At least a few years ago, everyone would have to maintain a standard set for everyone. Not a select few. There was a time I remember doing PT in combat boots with spenco insoles. If you do that to your troops today, you probably will have the human rights commission on your case or a platoon full of medical chits begging the platoon warrant if everyone can waive PT for the course. I personally didn't have a problem with the Warrior program. Furthermore, I completely agree that "it sure beat wasting time hanging about the garrison wasting the budget". All those smoke breaks tend to get tiresome after awhile. Especially when I don't like to inhale the smoke of those who couldn't even pass the 3.2 km run in full fighting order.

-the patriot-

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posted 28 July 2021 00:24     Profile for longbranch   Author's Homepage   Email longbranch     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
As a matter of fact Mr. Magoo, I DO know what goes on in the army since I spent 12 YEARS IN the army....12 years as an infantry man.So as far as me running off at the mouth, I have every right to when I see what the state of things.

It just seems that it is too far soft in the training now. Possibly because we have no "enemy" to be fearful of. Except for the enemy within...the government, the politicians, and the media.

As far as bayonet was a once a year course.(MAYBE!) Never really was taught proper hand to hand techniques...

As for digging trenches....when I was in Pet., I wasn't allowed to dig any trenches in any of the training areas. The most I was allowed to do was find dead sticks to simulate where my trench would be. I didn't even get any blank for my final ex I was on.
I literally had to go BANG when I saw the enemy force.

We never had grenade training because of the lack of proper supplies, we stopped using smoke because it might give somebody lung cancer in the minute amounts that were ingested in a years period.( probably the amount of naptha fumes in winter was no doubt 10X worse tha 100 smoke grenades). Anyways, the BREAKFREE that we were using was found to be a carcinogen. Fince with me , it made the plastic toys turn white.

We WERE a fighting force in the past. Now the troops are not trained to kill. Period! We are just the worlds police force and generally laughed at in the process.

Is the motto now...close with and talk to the enemy nicely???

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