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Author Topic: JTF Candidates
the patriot
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posted 30 June 2021 15:44     Profile for the patriot   Author's Homepage   Email the patriot     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

Just another point of interest. Has anyone had any first hand experience in going through the selections process for the JTF or knows anyone who has? Either at the regular or reserve level. It would be interesting to know what the average day of a candidate was like for anyone who would wish to post for the JTF.

-the patriot-

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the patriot
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posted 13 April 2021 23:24     Profile for the patriot   Author's Homepage   Email the patriot     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Thought I'd give this a try again. Anyone out there at this time that would like to share their experiences with the JTF or the selections process?

-the patriot-

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posted 14 April 2021 00:28     Profile for Gunner   Author's Homepage   Email Gunner     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
The Patriot, members trying out for ph 2 and ph 3 JTF2 selection agree to non-disclosure of what they went through. Doug posted the following in the General forum under Special Forces. it provides a pretty good overview of the initial selection process.

CANFORGEN 102/98 ADM(HR-MIL) 066 060952Z Oct 98 The
following text is a repeat of the Ref. Quote.
1. Intro: JTF 2 is the CF Unit responsible for federal level
counter-terrorist/hostage rescue operations. This mandate
demand personnel who possess very specific personal
attributes and capabilities and who can be trained to perform
a diverse range of unique tactics, techniques and skills
2. The Unit is comprised of three categories(cat) of
employment: a) Cat A - special operations assaulters
(ASLTRS) who are directly employable in the tactical aspects
of counter-terrorist/hostage rescue and other high value
tasks. This Cat is open to both genders of any MOC and any
rank from pte - Maj. They must be volunteers and are
selected based on the successful completion of a selection
process and the special operations assaulter course (SOAC) b)
Cat B - consists of personnel who are employable in CBT SP
tasks during JTF 2 Ops. This Cat is comprised of two groups as
(1) Mobility - this is a recently established group tasked with
tactical mobility and other CBT SP tasks (eg. Fire sp). Mbrs
receive skills trg in JTF 2 which will incl high speed tactical
operation of a variety of vehs and watercraft plus extensive
trg with crew served and pers wpns. The Unit is actively
seeking volunteers for this dynamic new role which is open to
both genders of any MOC and any rank from pte - WO. Cat B
(mobility) mbrs must be volunteers and are selected based on
the successful completion of a new selection process
(commencing 1999) and successful completion of the skills trg.
(2) Specialists - selected technical specialists who provide
specialty skills, which are directly related to their MOC. Cat
B(specialists) are volunteers or those identified and
recommended by their CO's and career managers and are
selected based on their superior trade skills. A review of their
career and pers profiles and a personal interview conducted by
JTF 2. It is emphasized that these Cat B(specialists) are
screened and selected as per Cat C below.
(3) Cat C - consists of service support pers who are selected
from regular force MOCs to fulfill JTF 2 support requirements.
Mbrs are selected from those who volunteer and those
personnel identified and recommended by CO's and career
managers for service in JTF2. A review of their career and pers
profiles and an interview JTF 2 will be conducted.
3. JTF 2 will commence screening CF volunteers for Cat A and
B(mobility)-repeat Cat B(mobility)in Nov 98. Pre-requisites are
as fols: a) med category - 32225 b) mbr must have a min of 3
years svc and be eligible for a second basic engagement(be)
prior to commencement of phase iv skills trg c) reservists must
be prepared to commit to a four year pd of svc prior to
commencement of phase iv skills trg.
4. The screening, selection and trg process for Cat A and Cat
B(mobility) is as fols: a) phase i - initial application at Unit
level (1) mbr volunteers through his/her chain of comd (2) mbr
undergoes PT test (coopers test) which must be administered
by PSP staff at a CF gym. Min std for the PT test is as fols: i)
1 1/2 mile run - 11 minutes or less ii) pushups (no rest stops)
- min 40 iii) situps (1 minute ) - min 40 iv) overhand,
straightarm chinups - min 5 v) bench press(4 inches from
chest to full arm extension - 1 press) - min 65kg
Note: the overall test scoring is based on an aggregate point
system. Historically nobody with a total score of less than 75
points has ever successfully completed the Cat A selection
process. ie. Achieving the bare minimum standard in each
exercise as indicated above will not be sufficient to attain
those 75 points. The fitness levels required for Cat B(mobility)
employment are presently being identified but as a general
guideline mbrs should be able to achieve at least 65 points.
PSP reps at CF gyms will be able to brief interested mbrs on
the Cooper tests scoring system or mbrs may contact the
recruiting WO at the number provided below. (3) unit co fwds
letter to dhtc ottawa/ci//verifying: i) the volunteers
particulars ii) which Cat(A or B)is being applied for iii) that
he/she has met the basic criteria as set out above, and iv)
provides a recommendation based on the mbrs job
performance, overall character, and details of any fin,
disciplinary, pers, admin issues that might affect suitability (4)
accompanying the letter must be a copy of the mbrs ASAP
and NLT 5 working days prior to the commencement of DHTC
screening team visits to respective CF bases as detailed below
(6) no financial commitment to be made at this stage a) phase
ii - regional screening (7) JTF 2 teams will visit the fol CF
bases on dates indicated to conduct phase ii screening i) team
1 - Esquimalt 23-24 Nov, Comox 26-27 Nov ii) team 2 -
Edmonton 23-24 Nov, Cold Lake 26-27 Nov iii) team 3 -
Winnipeg 23-24 Nov, Shilo 26-27 Nov iv) team 4 - Petawawa
23-24 Nov, Kingston 26-27 Nov v) team 5 - Trenton 23-24
Nov, Borden 26-27 Nov vi) team 6 - St-Jjean 23 Nov,
Valcartier 24-25 Nov, Bagotville 27 Nov vii) team 7 -
Gagetown 23-24 Nov, Halifax 26-27 Nov viii) Dwyer Hill Trg
Centre/Ottawa - 23 Nov (8) screening will be conducted in the
respective base gyms and will include an introductory unit
brief(20-30 minutes), the physical fitness test, a diagnostic
test to assess IQ/spacial recognition, and an interview (9)
mbrs will be required during the screening interview to
authorize the initiation of a criminal background check which
will be administered through military police channels and the
Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) (10) applicants
travelling to CF bases for phase ii screening will be auth TD
costs on case by case basis as Coord through DHTC trg clk
(11) the data gathered during the phase ii screening is
reviewed by a board at DHTC. Units will be informed by msg
which applicants have been selected to progress onto phase iii
c) phase iii - selection process (1) Cat A - suitable applicants
will be invited to attend a six day selection process (plus three
days admin)to be conducted at DHTC in Ottawa as fols: i)
serial 9901 : 32 candidates 07-15 feb 99 ii) serial 9902 : 32
candidates 21 feb-01 mar 99 iii) serial 9903 : 32 candidates
(all off candidates will attend this serial) 07-15 mar.
Successful off will remain for part 2 of the off selection which
will be completed by 18 mar 99 (2) Cat B(mobility) repeat Cat
B(mobility) - suitable applicants (up to 32 candidates)will be
invited to attend a six day selection process (plus three days
admin) to be conducted at DHTC in Ottawa during the pd
21-29 mar 99 (3) both selection processes are designed to
assess if candidates are likely to succeed during the phase iv
trg and assess if they possess the personal attributes reqr for
their respective Cat A or B role. These selection processes are
demanding and push candidates to their physical and mental
limits. (4) candidates will undergo endurance runs of up to 10
km in PT kit interspersed with circuit trg stands every 200 -
500m(eg. Push-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts, dips, fireman and
deadman lifts, wind sprints, skipping). Mbrs must complete
runs with their peer group within a reasonable fixed time
margin (5) mbrs undergo phobia tests for water, heights and
confined spaces (6) individual and group tasks assess the
candidates psychological profile, interpersonal skills, problem
solving skills (7) mbrs must negotiate various obstacle courses
dressed in PT strip or burdened with cbt clothing, boots,
helmet and other eqpt. These assess physical dexterity /agility
/ strength /coordination /speed and accuracy of reaction and
power of recall (8) tests are conducted in high stress tactical
settings to assess the mbrs ability to recall instructions,
identify and react to threats, safely handle weapons and make
decisions in dynamic environments while under physical and
mental duress and to assess his/her ability to assimilate new
skills (9) off selection is in two parts - part 1 the off will be
reqr to successfully complete the six day process. Part 2 will
assess the off organizational, analytical, communicative and
presentation skills under continued physical and mental duress.
(10) the decision to progress a candidate onto phase iv trg
will be based on a review of his/her overall performance during
the selection process. (11) successful candidates will be
informed that they are loaded onto phase iv skills trg by msg
and joining instr. (12) unsuccessful candidates will be informed
by msg. (13) given the extensive resources expended during
the screening and selection phases a candidate will only be
allowed a max of three attempts at phase iii after which
his/her application will not be considered again d) phase iv -
skills trg (1) Cat A - those mbrs selected will be on restricted
BTL posting to JTF 2 and will attend SOAC 9901 during the PD
12 Apr - 31 Oct 99. A HHT will be allowed in Jun 99 for
students who pass certain critical performance objectives.
Movement of DF and E will take place in Aug 99. (2) Cat B
(mobility)- those mbrs selected for Cat B (mobility) posns will
be on restricted posting to JTF 2 in May 99 and will undergo
skills trg reqr for Cat B (mobility) employment. A HHT will be
allowed in Jun 99 and movement of DF and E will take place in
Aug 99
5. Cat A and B (mobility) mbrs can expect a fixed four year
posting as an initial posting to JTF 2. Cat B(specialists) and
Cat C mbrs can expect a normal 4 - 6 year posting.
6. JTF 2 will commence screening CF mbrs for Cat B(specialist)
and Cat C in Nov 98 to fill MOC specific posns in Apr 99 a)
volunteers for SP posn and those pers identified by CO's and
career managers will have their files reviewed by JTF 2 to
verify their suitability based on job performance, skills,
qualifications and pers profiles. b) selected mbrs will be invited
to DHTC for further screening which will consist of the coopers
test (as a general guideline a min score of 55 points is
desired), further evaluation of their trade /military skills and an
interview. c) those mbrs invited to DHTC will be informed of
their selection status. Successful mbrs will be informed and
posting instrs will be coord through D MIL C.
7. Conclusion - the Op effectiveness of JTF 2 directly affects
the interests of Canadian public safety and security and the
fight against terrorism. The nature of its role demands
intensive trg be continually conducted to ensure precision
skills are honed to the finest extent possible. Mbrs must be
operationally effective and ready to deploy at extremely short
notice throughout their tour in JTF 2 - this environment results
in a unique lifestyle and demands that the right people be
selected for the job. JTF 2 provides an extremely challenging
and rewarding career/life experience for its mbrs. The wealth
of skills, knowledge and experience gained by JTF 2 mbrs
serves to benefit not only the mbr but the CF as a whole.
8. With this in mind it is urged that any interest in volunteering
for svc with JTF 2 be supported to the fullest extent possible.
9. Questions regarding JTF 2 screening and selection should be
directed to the DHTC recruiting WO at pager (613)780-1214 .


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