Re: WO (ret'd) Stopford

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Posted by Gunner from Canada on May 31, 2021 at 18:39:37:

In Reply to: Re: WO (ret'd) Stopford posted by X-Gnr on May 31, 2021 at 17:46:05:

I agree with some of the comments by observor. What was the situation in the platoon that made it so bad that the soldiersr felt their only recourse was to "injure" their platoon WO. I wasn't there, but, I've seen and heard some incredibly horrible stories of both officers and NCOs of the PPCLI. Personally, I think if the soldiers did something, it was because they felt they didn't have any other option. WO Stopford may have been an extremely aggressive platoon WO that his Platoon Commander could not control (first year lieutenant out of RMC?) and his Company Commander seemed to support his actions of being a "warrior" (as said in the National Post today).

Hopefully the investigation will reveal what WO Stopford did to deserve this treatment. Do the soldiers deserve to be charged? Maybe, administratively released for sure, however, I think the real question is "Why".

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