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Posted by Mark Bossi (M.A. Bossi, Esquire) from Toronto Ontario Canada on May 25, 2021 at 11:19:56:

In Reply to: Re: Sentries for Unknown Soldier posted by Jay Regner on May 25, 2021 at 09:00:02:

Well, I'm certain some will accuse me of heresy, but ...

First off - I agree we should have a Canadian Tomb for The Unknown Soldier in Canada - as a nation, we are criminally neglecting those who made the supreme sacrifice (in comparison, I've visited Arlington and the Scottish War Memorial, and felt embarassed that Canada does not have anything as impressive).

However, I'm frustrated with another aspect of all this, and that's the "American emulation" factor.

On one hand, I respect the concept of "bringing our boys home". However, ...

Once upon a time I heard an explanation which I still respect - Commonwealth soldiers were buried where they fought and died, not just for logistical reasons, but for the simple logic that they deserved to be buried near their battlefields - they earned that right.

I've visited many Commonwealth cemeteries, especially those in Holland, and I've never been so moved in my entire (short) life - I wish every Canadian could see the row upon row upon row of Canadian headstones. I wish all our schoolchildren could see what the Dutch schoolchildren see when they tend to our graves. As such, I believe it remains beneficial for our soldiers to be remembered by the countries where they fell. Certainly, the Dutch remember the sacrifice made by those Canadians.

However, if you'll forgive my waffling, I guess it's even more important for us as a nation to have our sacred shrine here, at home, Lest We Forget.

Dileas Gu Brath

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