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Posted by Art Johnson from Toronto ON Canada on May 25, 2021 at 21:36:23:

In Reply to: Yes posted by Michael Dorosh on May 25, 2021 at 19:15:13:

Michael re your comment about army policy "use guns instead of men". I had hoped to paste a couple of pages from Dileas in here regarding that policy but I guess I'll have to type a few extracts. During the winter on the Arielli river artillery shells were at a premium. From page 505-6 of Dileas Vol II; "The artillery representatives with the infantry -- O.C.s Rep at Tac H.Q. and F.O.O.s with the companies -- were having a tough time with their hosts. They were being called shell scrooges. One night Capt. Jim Councell urgently asked the 25 pounder help in knocking out a new Spandau position. A single shell finally went overhead to burst with a puny plop in thee mud".
"Capt Con Harrington who was destined to work with the 48th Highlanders more frequently than any other artillery officer, was living the life of a pariah. He could stand being but protested taking the blame for top level artillery policy".
""Hell", he said "the men in 2nd Field are stealing shells and hiding them in barns in case you foot sloggers get into real trouble."
The Highlanders let up on him the day he reclessly ordered 5 (five) rounds fired for Capt. Beal, which resulted in Capt. Harrington suffering a stern lecture from the rear for wasting shells".
He was known after that as "Five Round Harrington"
I guess they must have used up all the ammunition on Ortona.

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