DND Orders Final Batch of LAV III Vehicles

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Posted by JD from Canada on March 02, 2021 at 19:52:19:

In early Feb. 2000, DND ordered the last batch of 651 LAV III's. The latest order, the fourth, is for 171 vehicles broken out in the following varients, 71 TOW Under Armour, 47 Forward Observation/mortar fire control vehicles, 39 Pioneer vehicles, and 14 APC's. It seems that the US Army is following in the same foot steps as Canada, as they are looking at replacing all or most of their Heavey Brigades and Divisions with a "Medium Weight, Rapid Deployment Force". (but you can't call it "Medium Weight", seems the politicians in Washington don't like the phrase !!) This would be made up of at least 5 Brigades to start with, totaling up to 560 Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicles, in each Brigade, made up of as many as 18 varients. The M1 Abrams doesn't even fit into the picture. Talk about lots of debate between track and wheeled. General Motors has teamed up with General Dynamics Land Systems, (maker of the M1 Abrams), in a partnership arrangement in order to capture this very lucrative contract.

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