Leopard and Cougar replacement

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Posted by J.O. from Canada on March 01, 2021 at 20:32:16:

Just another topic for discussion... the CF has been considering a new Armoured Combat vehicle for some time now to replace the Cougar. They've also been seriously considering using the same vehicle to replace the Leopard tank - because the CF's moving towards an all-wheeled army. One of the potential vehicles is offered by GM - it's a United Defence 105mm gun mounted on a LAV III chassis. The gun is an externally-mounted one - the operators sit in the hull, because there is no turret in the traditional sense. It would also have a crew of three (there's an autoloading system) and would be Herc-transportable. I know this probably sounds like sacrilege to the armoured corps; I don't know what to think. Any comments?

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