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Re: Infantry Phase Trg vs basic Infantry Training

This is an issue which I believe is at the heart of the reserve issue.  Our
government has the power to enact legislation to enable reservist to serve
under call up ( or courses), with out penalty to them vis a vis thier civvy
job.  If they want to fix the reserves, and make them viable, they need to
take a systematic approach.  they can start with thier own part in the
degredation of the Armed Forces as a whole.  Anything less is just political
posturing and lip service.  A new white paper is needed, stating the
purposes and goals of our Forces.  Analyze what level of reserves are needed
to support what ever level of regs is identified.  Make the one augment the
other, and vice-versa.  There is no reason why a person couldn't finish a
basic engagement, in the army, then fit nicely into a reserve unit.  Both
would benifit, especially if that ex-reg knew he had a chance of
advancement, other than as a student.
Any thoughts on this line
> > Michael (comments wanted from all) from Ian Edwards:
> >
> > If each Phase is 10 weeks (therefore about 70 days) how the heck is
> > anyone except a post secondary student or school teacher expected to
> > find time to take a phase? Will even the various levels of government
> > allow civil servants that much time off, and if so how can their job be
> > performed in their absence?
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