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Re: i made it in to the rcr!!!

What exactly is the traing that officers must undergo after Basic? Even though all infantry officers train together in one place, is regimental history taught in the same manner it is to NCM's or do they get the "bigger picture." Would battleschool (can't call it that anymore) be mentally (I' don't think so) and physically (?) tougher then officer training?


Michael O'Leary wrote:

Welcome Adam, The Royal Canadian Regiment is a good regiment and going
strong. After you complete Recruit Training at St Jean, Quebec (10 weeks),
you will be coming to the Land Force Central Area Training Centre in
Meaford for Basic Infantry training. This course is sixteen weeks long and
you should get here just in time to experience Meaford in the winter. You
may find St Jean a bit of a culture shock, but changes in attitudes and
approaches over the past years have softened that blow. Prepare yourself
for Meaford, where you will be dropped into the life of the Army. In
Meaford you will undergo training by Non-Commissioned Officers (Warrant
Officers, Sergeants and Master-Corporals) of the Royal Canadian Regiment as
they prepare you to meet the expectations and requirements of an infantry
soldier. After your Basic Infantry Course you may be posted to the First or
Third Battalions in Petawawa, Ontario, or to the Second Battalion at
Gagetown, New Brunswick. That's a decision you'll want to think about,
Petawawa is a couple of hours up the river from Ottawa, and considered a
bit desolate by single guys. Gagetown on the other hand, is twenty munites
from Fredericton, New Brunswick and about 4.5 hours from Halifax, the
potential attractions of each of these eastern cities should not be ignored.

M.M. O'Leary