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Re: i made it in to the rcr!!!

Gunner, I'm just spreading the Regimental propaganda.
Let's not start on the chicken thing. ;)
I have yet to receive verifiable information that any chicken has ever been
used inappropriately in the Regiment. The oldest chicken tale I have yet
found, though, is this one:
"There had been an incident on the march that could have had tragic
results. Two British officers had seen Private A.W. Belyea of D Company [of
the Second (Special Service) Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment] grab a
stray chicken that crossed his path. Looting was anathema to the army, and
Belyea was court-martialled. To set an example for the troops the brigade
was formed up in a hollow square to hear the verdict. For poor Belyea the
ordeal was terrifying as he stood alone, head bowed, awaiting the decision
of the court. The verdict was hardly in doubt, and the offence could draw
the death penalty. The officers who made up the court realized the maximum
punishment did not fit the crime. Belyea was confined to barracks for 56
days, a meaningless punishment on the veldt. (From a related footnote -
�Capt S.M. Rogers, who commanded D Company, told his men, "Now listen,
boys, it wasn't for stealing the chicken that [Belyea] was going to be
hung, it was for getting caught at it, so watch yourself.")" - Brian A.
Reid, Our Little Army in the Field; The Canadians in South Africa
1899-1902, 1996
Pro Patria
At 02:03 PM 6/3/00 -0600, gunner wrote:
>Mike an absolutely excellent post (as always) to help Adam overcome his
>culture shock.  I didn't see you talk about the RCR initiation with the
>Regimental Chicken though....<grin>...Adam, careful of the showers!
>Have a good career!
Michael, Miriam and Roland O'Leary
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