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  1. Good2Golf

    Non-Commissioned Pilots in the RCAF Discussion

    Interestingly, many nations don’t have an issue with an E2-E3 driving a bowser to refuel aircraft.  Is this really a stretch to have E4-E6 remotely operating the airborne bowser?
  2. Good2Golf

    North Macedonia joins NATO as 30th Ally

    North Macedonia upgrades from PfP to full member nation, becomes 30th NATO country. North Macedonia joins NATO as 30th Ally
  3. Good2Golf

    MOVED: Bomber formations, split from: Re: Ack Ack Formation

    This topic has been moved to Air Force General. http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/103274.0
  4. Good2Golf

    MOVED: .50 on CF helicopters

    This topic has been moved to Rotorheads. http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/102796.0
  5. Good2Golf

    .50 on CF helicopters

    Interestingly, that was also why Aviation went with .50 (M3M/GAU-21, high-rate, ~1200 rd/min) in addition to the wonderful 7.62mm M134D.  Not so much for range beyond GPMG ranges (since it's still crew-served), but for the weight of fire and the type of munitions the .50 can throw down-range. ...
  6. Good2Golf

    Dealing with ethical and/or legal issues in operations

    This thread was created as a place to discuss general considerations and challenges with the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) with regards to contemporary operations, i.e. where there may be ethical and legal aspects of a situation that are worthy of discussion or debate.  This may include reference...
  7. Good2Golf

    MOVED: Aircraft Structures Technican

    This topic has been moved to Maintainer's Bench. http://Forums.Army.ca/forums/threads/87474.0
  8. Good2Golf

    Chinook in-theatre related open-source material

    A good two-minute clip from Steve Chao about the Chinook in theatre. "Combat Choppers: CTV National News: Steve Chao reports from onboard the new military choppers." Nice paint job on the flight engineers maxofacial shield.  8) G2G
  9. Good2Golf

    SAR/non-core MH-related info (split from: CH-148 Cyclone Progress)

    Clearly, Baden Guy can snatch the pebble from the master's hand... Peaches, National SAR will go to the Coast Guard the day we get rid of the Snowbirds --welcome to the world of slightly-less-than-operational-imperatives.  ;) G2G
  10. Good2Golf

    USAF C-17 Globemaster makes emergency landing in Halifax

    U.S. C-17 makes emergency landing in Halifax article link Updated Sat. Dec. 29 2007 6:28 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff A U.S. military transport plane with a crew of fifteen made an emergency landing in Halifax on Friday because of an on-board fire. The 15-member crew of the C-17, one of the...
  11. Good2Golf

    U.S. bomb kills 3 British soldiers in Afghanistan

    U.S. bomb kills 3 British soldiers in Afghanistan CBC News (AP) link Three British soldiers were killed by a bomb dropped by a U.S. warplane in southern Afghanistan, Britain's Ministry of Defence said Friday. The soldiers, all members of 1st Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment, were killed...
  12. Good2Golf

    "Islamic State of Iraq" shoots down US Apache helicopter - 2 Feb 07

    Purported video of US Apache helicopter being shot down over Al-faji 2 Feb 07
  13. Good2Golf

    DoD announces HH-47 Chinook wins CSAR-X competition

    Boeing Defence Systems - HH47 Home Page per fair dealings act:
  14. Good2Golf

    Chinook named as intended purchase through PWGSC Advance Contract Award Notice

    http://MERX ACAN Listings - PW-TALC-002-13708... Other vendors have 30 days to state intent to contest the ACAN. Cheers, Duey * fixed link*
  15. Good2Golf

    Saluting the Ensign

    Okay....I shall smartly salute the ship's ensign as I set foot off the gangway onto the quarter-deck!  :salute: Come cheer up, my lads! 'tis to glory we steer... Cheers, Duey
  16. Good2Golf

    Kev on the BRR? ...or how long will this Glock last?

    http://www.wimp.com/glock/ Now the Tac Vest needs 50 mag pouches... LOL Cheers, Duey
  17. Good2Golf

    "CADPAT"-ish Airplane (could be: Hmmm, in uniform or air force sub-board?)

    Looks like the same company (HyperStealth Ltd) that worked with DLR on CADPAT is branching out.  ;D http://www.defense-update.com/products/f/f-16-camo.htm Cheers, Duey p.s.  for the record, this wouldn't be too bad if "toned-down" slightly, i.e. more greyish, less-saturated/intense colours...
  18. Good2Golf

    USAF to halve B-52 and eliminate U2 and F117 fleets by 2011

    http://www.military.com/features/0,15240,84991,00.html?ESRC=airforce-a.nl Even the largest Air Force in the world is cutting back...in this case to make more room for F-22A acquisition. B-52 SOJ to be eliminated as a capability from the remaining fleet.  U-2s considered too expensive for what...