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  1. FS; Kydex BHP Drop-leg + belt + pouches

    Apologies: no recollection of the brand. Sage green/OD-ish Kydex drop-leg holster, fits Browning Hi-Power. Comes with XL green rigger's belt, 2 mag pouches, elastic coil retention lanyard. Asking $80 for the lot, + shipping. Would prefer not to part out if possible. Thanks for looking!
  2. FS: CP Gear OTW Shirt XL

    CP Gear OTW shirt in Cadpat, size XL, like new, worn 5 days, laundered once. Asking $40 + shipping
  3. FS: Isreali Pack

    Israeli pack in OD.  More of a convertible travel pack. Carries with a shoulder sling or zip-away shoulder straps.  Likely most suitable for vehicle ops med bag, or range bag. Doesn't control a load well enough or have a suspension to be suitable for extended dismounted carry. Volume is likely...
  4. FS: CP Gear Valise

    CP Gear Valise in CadPat.  Same volume as issued one in OD. Better compression system, with straps and fastex. $40 OBO, plus shipping. Thanks for looking
  5. FS: CP Gear Ruck

    Barely used CP Gear Ruck in CadPat with hip belt, frame, and A7A Straps. $160 OBO, plus shipping
  6. Spurs for Mess Dress?

    Good Day - I've tried the "search" function here, and I've asked the kind folks at Andrei Master Tailors...so far I've come up empty. Can anyone provide a lead on a source for spurs to wear with the Mess Dress Wellington Boots? Thanks in advance, D.
  7. BMOC October 2011

    Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old colleagues from BOTC 0009 and meeting new ones at BMOC this fall. Why not say hello if you're loaded on this course as well. Thanks! Dunc
  8. A newbie question about the DEU tunic.

    Newly sworn in and just freshly issued my DEU.  I suspect this will all become clear to me when the tunic comes back from the tailor, but I am curious about having been issued 8 buttons (the four front, two pocket, two shoulder), but only 6 ring toggle fasteners.  Clearly, I realize that there's...