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  1. Brigade Commander at Ft Hood Under Investigation

    Yeah, fire camps/lines love things like salmonella turning effectiveness into mush. I have not once ever even seen salads on a fireline. Water, salted drinks/mixes, coffee, sandwiches, sweets, and some stuff you can throw into your pack like protein bars. Bulkier meals were for gathering...
  2. GG Payette resigns 21 Jan 2021

    LOL. The person that signs these law thingys into force about workplace harassment/violence is then the subject of a scathing report that herself may have done some violence/harassing. Shouldn't that position be the single most accountable to the laws they endorse?
  3. Are we becoming too Politically Correct?

    Let me know how that "not my problem" thing goes. I happen to know that you are dead wrong. And perhaps soon enough the "not my problem" crowd will be introduced to administrative monetary penalties to assist them in learning this. Simply stated: you are accountable for your choice of wording -...
  4. Complete list of benefits of being in the Armed Forces

    Holy shit. You can't find it? 2021 is giving surprises the same as 2020. :)
  5. 6 Jan 2021 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    Yup. There are a shitload of people who may come away with a keen understanding of the term "fuck around and find out" Good.
  6. RCMP accuses 3 of its officers of obstructing justice, destroying evidence

    Yeah, Codiac RCMP may have some issues: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/those-two-old-people-were-fed-to-the-wolves-how-a-moncton-drug-bust-went-terribly-wrong
  7. Explosive Devices in Amherst, NS

    Apparently they've got one suspect in custody and another person of interest. Still all very quiet about this.
  8. Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    Well, anyone hoping that Frank Magazine was going to eventually go completely online and then disappear altogether has the RCMP and both Liberal governments to thank for what I think may be a resurgence. The Fifth Estate was a part one of a potential five, for me, just based on the...
  9. Explosive Devices in Amherst, NS

    It also had Legends *sniff* Elm Tree is still ticking though.
  10. Explosive Devices in Amherst, NS

    Yeah. No clue, and given that this has been going on a few days I am surprised it hasn't hit the media more.
  11. Explosive Devices in Amherst, NS

  12. OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    I thought 2020 was pretty rad with wolves already. Mister totally blackercatted that.
  13. Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    @stolenvalourca on Twitter. They're back and appear unrepentant. What's a genuine veteran?
  14. Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/onslow-fire-hall-gunfire-during-mass-shootings-1.5805495 It's like one of the "bad/bad" scenarios that actually happened during this event. There are/may be more. My understanding is the shot at cop was not from the area and simply standing a post he...