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  1. "Canadian Tank Crew Members Praise Soviet T-72 Battle Tank"

    As a tanker who has actually crewed both I can tell you this- their "expert" is on crack. T72 is a garbage tank; full stop.
  2. VAC Return to Lifetime Pensions Discussion

    What a slap in the fucking face. Can't wait for October.....
  3. DUI/impaired driving in CF (merged)

    No need to say anything at all. The member screws up, someone checks their pers file and there it is - grounds for an Admin Review. If there's nothing there, charges that would probably accompany the transgression along with the RM if required. Regards
  4. Summary Trial Question & Discussion

    As soon as the charges are formally laid, usually the Summary trial happens within 48 hours. Regards
  5. Policy on Clickers?

    Worn them for the past 30 years and never had an issue. Regards
  6. What's it like to drive a LAV?

    Join up and drive a tank if you want to drive armoured vehicles. Everything else is a let down. Regards
  7. Medical Cannabis Use in the CAF

    I talked to some of the medical community recently about this. Short answer - no. Very few cases require it and in their experience, it was terminal cancer cases only. Regards
  8. Religion in the Canadian Forces & in Canadian Society

    I can say with some confidence that "they" are full of shit. Know plenty of troops who were under contact pretty close on a regular basis and are still staunch atheists. The padre who visited our FOB was constantly dismayed at the turnout for his services. No doubt due in part to him only...
  9. Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    Because it's illegal right now and if found using you'll be put on administrative measures or, in the case of a second test being positive, be dismissed. Maybe that's why.
  10. jets vs helicopters

    Thank sweet zombie Jeebus.... Regards
  11. Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]

    It's the dress manual itself that's changed. Doesn't require a CANFORGEN. Regards
  12. Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]

    Sorry to tell you, but the policy has changed. It was updated I believe last September. The location of tattoos has not though. I don't have access to the latest directives right now. Regards
  13. Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    A Leopard 2A4M or a Leo 2A5 looks an awful lot like a Leo 2A6M to a layman. They are about as different as a coyote and a LAV 25 are. Regards
  14. Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    Cougars, Grizzleys and Huskeys were purchased in the late 70s for both Reg and militia use and divested in 2005. Bisons were purchased in 1990 for militia use but fleet management changed that for Reg force use and militia use and are still in use. Coyotes were purchased in 1996/7 for Reg...
  15. Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    You said it yourself, you have minor legal stuff ongoing etc etc. That would probably hold it up. Another thing is you aren't the only applicant trying to get in right now. Another thing that may hold up your application is the manner in which you left the CAF. Stay in touch with your...