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  1. Mental Health

    They don't report. But you should. As CFMAP is a limited service (3 to 5 visits depending on their nature), you need to come to your local military clinic so that we can authorise further visits, or refer you to another service for more specific care.
  2. Redefining the Golden Hour

    In the context of the Canadian Armed Forces, they are right. That is because to make the "golden hour" work, our military needs to have the personnel, equipment, the leadership, the capability and the will to make it happen. That being said, outside of SOF's use of the MRST, the Army currently...
  3. Keeping wounded in CF - merged super-thread

    Yes. And no clue, because I don't work in Ottawa. During a visit last month, the Surg Gen was talking about a new approach to decide whether or not service members are fit for service. The current system is too limited and somewhat punitive with the removal of allowance if you are not "fit"...
  4. Patient Rights

    Answer A. You are, but you can not directly. This is something you either request from your primary care clinician to refer you to a different Cardiologist, or ask the cardiologist to refer you to a second specialist. Generally if you are not sure about the plan you are being presented, the...
  5. Schizotypal and Borderline personality disorder, are you medically released?

    There is no condition that will be an "immediate" release. Every condition is assessed against the rank, occupation of the mbr by a committee of medical officers. It is they who would recommend releases if the condition is not conducive to military employment.
  6. Nurse Practitioners in the CAF

    The CAF does not hire NPs for uniform service. The CAF does hire, through contract, several civilian nurse practitioners.
  7. Don't get sick over the holidays

    Take your receipts to your local base medical financial clerk, AKA, Blue Cross Clerk. You will be reimbursed for the entire price listed on the receipt. Medications for the majority of Canadians are paid out of pocket. Just be glad you didn't get sick in the US or some other 3rd world location...
  8. Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Info from Globe and mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/canadian-forces-providing-crucial-support-in-battle-to-recapture-mosul/article32403507/ Who was whining about being talked about in the media?: "Overhead, two Canadian spy planes, the CP-140 Auroras, are gathering...
  9. Royal Canadian Air Force headed to mission in Africa ‘very soon’: top general

    UAV use in the Sahel would be an asset given the region is mostly flat, sparsely covered and with predictable, often clear and windy, weather conducive to flying operations. Blue berets not carrying rifles, but flying unarmed UAVs and providing medical support would fit the current government's...
  10. Part 1 medical

    There is nothing you CAN NOT take. However, things you should not take are medication or others that's will increase your blood pressure, your heart rate or affect your vision. Smoking, coffee, some decongestants with pseudephedirine, and salbutamol puffers are some examples.
  11. "Canadian Armed Forces creates new officer occupation for Physician Assistants"

    Yes, it's been discussed, and no, not happening in the near future. PA wil stay a NCO fed trade for the next couple yrs, until the Med Tech trade is sorted and stabilized, and the program is parcelled out to civilian faculty.
  12. "Canadian Armed Forces creates new officer occupation for Physician Assistants"

    There will be 105 PA officers positions. All Reg F. MWO will commission as Capt. Currently serving WO will be granted equivalent Lt E pay and seniority. (If selected, it is not automatic) New PA will become Lt, once CAPA certified, the Jan following the completion of thier course.
  13. "Canadian Armed Forces creates new officer occupation for Physician Assistants"

    BTW criteria to comission is being CAPA certified. Also, I believe you may need to have a degree, which all CAF  PA graduates since 2009 hold.