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Author Topic: Upgraded to 6.02
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The War Diary has just been updated again. If you have any problems or see something that's not quite right, please let me know.

According to the vendor, the changes in 6.02 are:

Changes/fixes include:

  • In registration email, URL to "My Profile" was broken.
  • Link to return to the previous page from UBBFriend was broken.
  • Redirection from PMing was wrong if you had to login to send a PM.
  • Formatting of multiple page links was inconsistent.
  • Formatting of the topic review text was inconsistent.
  • Tildes in control panel URLs had a space inserted before them.
  • Instances of %%CGIURL%% existed in the control panel.
  • Today's Active Topics sometimes had an extra row that was hard coded white.
  • The [URL] tag occasionaly had trouble with quotes.
  • HTML elements were being sent in thread subjects.
  • UBB would switch its status to On after some maintenance routines.
  • Reply With Quotes now plays nicely with posts that use the UBB bold tag by using its own bold tag. Close-bold tags will no longer confuse the UBB.
  • Prune by user was broken.
  • Searches for users always returned "1 through", even if there were no results.
  • Usernames with periods at the end were declared illegal. This restriction has been lifted.
  • Some usernames with high-bit characters were being rejected. This restriction has been lifted.
  • UBB could not email users with no posts.
  • Very old threads or threads with deleted users would sometimes show the user as having profile zero rather than being unregistered.
  • Many pages used the background color for a foreground table color, which causes display irregularities. This has been fixed by using alternating table color one instead.
  • Part of the wordlet for the URL instant UBB code function was missing.
  • Searches with certain characters tended to cause errors. This is believed to be fixed.
  • Blank emails sent on registration as been fixed.

Other items:

  • We believe that we have corrected the character set encoding problems that have been occurring. You should now be able to simply insert the proper language meta tag for your UBB tooperate properly.
  • Occasionally, due to incorrect permissions the UBB cache directory would not be created. This has been fixed, and an error message has been created to notify the user of possible incorrect permissions.

Still no spellchecker... They're promising that in 6.1, which currently has no release date.


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Mike Bobbitt

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