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Author Topic: Pride, Honour, Integrity...the Warrior
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posted 10 August 2021 21:54      Profile for Master Blaster   Email Master Blaster   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

I read the article and while I don't agree with most of the Captain's arguments I do agree with his final summations...Warriors are an anathema to the modern army. They are of single-mindedness that threatens the overall discipline and well-being of a soldier's army.

To paraphrase him; a warrior can only exist in a state of war where a soldier can exist in peace and at the begining of wars. The brutality of the war can turn soldiers into the warrior but a the cost of 'massed army' operations.

So...ethos not withstanding it would appear the almost everyone is in agreement with my 'rant' in one way, shape or form if only to put their own spin on things...and the world goes on.

All the Best

Dileas Gu Brath

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posted 13 August 2021 20:58      Profile for bossi   Email bossi   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Blaster - of course many of us are going to agree - we're all on the same side, after all (except when we're fighting amongst ourselves ... sigh ... what a waste of energy).

And, this tendency to put our own spin on it ... our own homegrown version of "An Army Of One" ... (chuckle - everybody's an individual, or a comedian ... and the Human Rights weenies are only to glad to tell us so ...)


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posted 28 August 2021 23:30      Profile for Infanteer        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
I think the Captain is too tied up in the sense of the word. If the "warrior" caste is dying in Canada, it is not just not due to bad government policies, but a shift in society. I like Charles Moskos' example of the military shifting from an institution to an occupation.
So, instead of lamenting on the death of the warrior, how about trying to figure out how to bring him (umm...or her) back.
I always hear the old guys talking about how tough it was in the old days. Can simply going back to the standards of the days of yonder bring back the warriors. Or do we require a new approach to meet the demands that GenX society creates. Any ideas.
(I'll keep my own opinions to myself for now, as I am just a ****hot private.)

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posted 29 August 2021 06:28      Profile for JRMACDONALD   Email JRMACDONALD   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hello again, Master Blaster, RCA, et al. Have just spent an illuminating/exasperating summer training QL2/3 Inf at Watc. A thought- How can we develop warriors ( to me, a soldier with a strong sense of honour) if we do nothing to develop a strong sense of integrity, within the individual?

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posted 29 August 2021 11:28      Profile for SSM        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
How about these definitions..

Soldier; one who is trained for and prepared to go to war.

Warrior; one who has gone to war.

Just a thought.

I take exception to the remark that most of those that use the term "Warrior" are Reservists. I have read a good many articles over the years that used the term. Most were written by Reg Force officers.

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posted 02 September 2021 11:33      Profile for RCA     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Welcome back JR. I did time at WATC Shilo trhis summer. Seems like we re-invent the wheel every year.

As to teaching intrergety, it hard enough to teach recruits how to tie their shoelaces in 16 days.


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