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Author Topic: Component Transfers
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posted 16 February 2021 01:52      Profile for fusilier   Email fusilier   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Allow me a little rant if you will. Several months ago, I put in the forms for a component transfer to the regular forces. Now after about a month (officer's comments, signed off by the CO) the file was sent to the Recruiting Center. This was approximately early October. In late December I received a call from the recruiting center. I went in for yet ANOTHER interview, medical and PT test in early January. Now I am waiting. Does this seem a little strange to anyone? It's been 6 months and nothing has happened. The recruiting center says it's be "processed" in Ottawa.
Now, I see on the news that the Forces are trying to recruit some 7200 regular force members. Now logically speaking, would'nt they try to speed up the process a little? I want to make a career of the Army, but geez I can only go so long. The Reserves are barely providing enough income for me, I can't get another full time job, because most of them want me to work weekends. I have to keep up in the Reserves, otherwise I will go NES, and this process will all start over again. Stressful or what? I think the military has to come up with a faster, more efficient way to go through this process. At this rate, if they recruit 7200 people this year, they won't get into the Forces until 2003!!! The whole process is, pardon my french, a pain in the derriere.


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posted 16 February 2021 11:32      Profile for JRMACDONALD   Email JRMACDONALD   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Don't lose faith or sight of your goal. Oddly enough, component transfer is one of the few admin procedures which is identical in Reg/Res F. You are not alone, in wondering why it takes so long. The biggest hurdle for Res F to RegF is, usually, the security checks. Your security chk for Res F is minimal/cursory, at best, and the Reg F one is more detailed. It is, I understand, only done by RCMP in Ottawa, and they are responsible for ALL chks for Fed Govt.(that is a bit of a work load!!) Something which might speed things up is to visit your Rec Centre to inquire on progress, and at the same time, get yourCO/BOR involved making inquiries. It dont make sense why it takes so long, but it is worth the wait!

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I believe the 6 month wait is not normal.I applied for Reg F and it took less than a month to do the security check, only, it took 5 months before i could do my med because they had the wrong phone number( and i wrote it the right way on my papers).Oh yeah thats without counting teh fact that they lost my college report card and they said i didnt give it to them but i did.But this doesnt surprise me in a world where no body wants to take responsability for his actions.

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