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Author Topic: Unarmed Combat
Pte. Silcox
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I understand we are already to far into this conversation for my post to mean anything, infact if your new to this topic, you've probably just skipped me.

(Unarmed Combat = not being armed with a weapon such as C-7)

Hand to Hand is a fact of war, why else would every single country in the world issue their army bayonets?

Now i'm just a simple soldier, but i know that i'd rather learn unarmed combat over Protractor or advanced radio use. This is why, when were fighting, we -close- with the enemy and destroy him by whatever means necessary. So when i burn through 150 rds of ammo and my Value Village Bayonet breaks when i try take it out, i expect to be able to have the skills to fight Fred the Red, i mean, in WW2 the russians had like 7 million soldiers, and i got like 150 rounds, sure i can do my C7 handling and know how to fire all the support weapons, but I don't want to confronted by Tommy the 350 pound Commie and not have been drilled and drilled in unarmed combat... that would just suck

Anyways, here is my plug - I take Defendo

My instructor was in the CF for a long long time, and he's convinced me of the importance of unarmed combat in the military.

(by the way - realize that my opinions are just my school of thought and i'm not saying anyones wrong, i'm just disagreeing with them)

Pte. Silcox

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Tommy Atkins
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posted 09 September 2021 06:02      Profile for Tommy Atkins   Email Tommy Atkins   Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
My my isn't this a lively little chat!!!!!

I am in favor of Unarmed Combat being instructed,and it is when time permits still done in most Reg units.Sure gone are the days of daily training but for the most part it still is taught and practiced.There are hundreds of Unarmed Combat Instructors in the Infantry Battalions out there.When I was in the Reserves back in the early '80s we tried to get an UAC program going but could not because most people could not show up for training on the days that we had scheduled.The problem in the Regs is simply not a lack of will but time.To effectivley teach UAC the students must be granted time to practice,and repeat what is learned,usually about 4 weeks for a basic course,all day every day.Another factor is that when training there will be injuries(2 broken hands,3 broken noses,and a seperated shoulder on my UAC Instr crse alone) no unit will accept these type of injuries during the normal course of work,norwill most COs authourize that type of time when other priorities take presedence like weapons training,ranges,QL 4 traning,and Summer taskings.I have had advanced instruction in Bayonet fighting,UAC,and CQB in my time and still do,just not as often as I like but then again who in the military gets what they want nowadays anyway???The UAC course is still taught as is the UAC Instr why not ask about it ?????If it is such a concern there are hundreds of schools out there go join one.If getting an outside agency in is the answer for your unit then instead of bitching about it here GET IT DONE...

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