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The Canadian Army Posting Icon Hello... by recceguy     (post # 5)
Coniar, The first thing you have to do if you aspire to the exhalted ranks of crewman is stop putting yourself down and second guessing yourself. One of my old Reg'ts motto's is "Audax et Celer" translated...
The Canadian Army Posting Icon Canada should adopt the LAV III as its sole armoured vehicle? by Coniar     (post # 64)
Well after reading all the posts in this thread (theres alot), each one seemed to have an entirley different opinion My personal opinion based on my limited military knowledge and all the info I took...
We Stand On Guard For Thee Lest we forget, peacekeepers are soldiers too by Spr Earl     (post # 11)
Our Fellow Comrade's in Arm's died from by the hand's of an Allie and yes they had a great send off and yes many other's who served over sea's and died and never got the same may seem hypocritical to...
Current Affairs Morale Booster by Spr Earl     (post # 26)
quote:Originally posted by Harry:Are you crazy, can you imagine getting past all that security, to be foiled with an Innu soap stone carving to the head by Mrs. Chretien. That's the best one I have heard...
Current Affairs Posting Icon our dead brothers by Coniar     (post # 19)
quote:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Originally posted by chet:I am a high school student with enough balls to even post my opinions on a public board....
Military History Posting Icon Happy St. Julien's Day, Canadian Scottish Rgt by Michael Dorosh     (post # 1)
Happy St. Julien's to our pals in Victoria. The Calgary Highlanders had a good parade today, band played well, weather was perfect. Hope things went well out there for our fellow oak-leaf wearers.
Off Topic Posting Icon Why Boo? by Harry     (post # 13)
As I said, when it comes to sporting events, I don't take crowds all that serious, unless I am there and they are rioting.For whatever reason, no matter where you go in this world, or at what ever level,...
Armour Posting Icon Hello, and I was wondering... by Coniar     (post # 1)
Hello, I am a High School student in B.C. and am seriously thinking of joining the regular army under the ROTP plan and I thought it would be best to ask some real people about the proffession. I am...
Infantry Posting Icon Recruitment by sten_sterling     (post # 4)
Mark, I'm still waiting!!!!!!Even after you were out here in Calgary last summer with Vinny, Stu and all I have not yet even had an interview!!!!! They're still trying to catch up with everything administratively,...
Personnel Locator Posting Icon Looking for Master Cpl. Mark Salesse by sten_sterling     (post # 3)
come on noneck, even the Silver Fox knows why this young lady is looking for Mark Selesse
Infantry Posting Icon QL2/QL3 by Art Johnson     (post # 16)
Portcullis Guy.From an old Portcullis Guy, the army always appreciates initiative, go to the surplus store across from Moss Park I'm sure you will find what you need ask for Julie. This may suprise you...

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