M72 Short-Range Anti-Armour Weapon (Light) SRAAW(L)

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     M72 Short-Range Anti-Armour Weapon (Light) SRAAW(L)

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  • Light-Weight & Compact

  • M54 Rocket Motor

  • M214 or M214A1 Fuze

  • M18 or M18A1 Warhead

  • Maximum Portability

  • High Destructive Capability

  • One Man Operable, Requires a Minimum of Training

  • Can be Used From Any of the Conventional Firing Positions

  • Pre-Loaded, Single Shot

  • Fired From a Disposable Waterproof Tube That Ignites and Guides Rocket on Initial Flight
    Towards Target

  • No Sight Zeroing Required, Extremely Accurate

  • Backblast Area Exists Behind Weapon During Firing

  • Launcher Consists of 2 Telescoping Tubes. Outter Tube is Plastic and Inner Tube is

  • Rocket is a Precision Ignited, Fin Stabilized Fixed Munition

  • 6 Spring-Loaded Fins Pivot Outward and Backward on Fiting to Assume Correct Flight

Range: 150m

Armour Penetration: 274mm or 10.8 inches

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