C9 Light Machine Gun

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     C9 Light Machine Gun

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  • Gas Operated

  • Belt or Magazine Fed

  • Air Cooled

  • Barrel is Internally Chromed

  • Capable of Sustaining a High Rate of Fire

  • Belts Come Factory Filled in 200 Round Boxes With Disentegrating Link

  • Belts Have 4 Ball to 1 Tracer

  • Bipod Legs Can be Folded or Locked

  • Trigger Guard can be Removed for Arctic Firing

Safety Devices Include:

  • A manual Safety

  • Operating Safety with Open Breech

  • Ammunition Indicator for Round on Feed Tray (older models only)

  • Bolt Face Encloses Base of the Cartridge

  • Firing Pin Cannot Reach Primer Until Bolt is Locked

Range: 600m

Weight: 6.97kg with loaded magazine, and 9.64kg with full box

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