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Weapons of the Canadian and other Armies

Rated 15 times, current rating is 2.43.
Comment from Anonymous: So much for laying out the pieces left to right!
Comment from Name: Very interesting.
Comment from Bos: Bad picture
Comment from Roscoe: If one of my troops did this I would kick hip in the teeth and then charge him!  Ya, first of all its NOT layed out left to right. Or at all for that matter and the troop has exceeded the detailed strip, showing either bad instructors or a troop who cant listed to the instruction given in class.  If I took that photo I would be ashamed of myself!  A retarted monkey would do a beter job!  This would never happen if we would beast the troops more! Mike Bobbitt I hope I run into you on a course because it would be my pleasure to FAIL you ass off it!  If you did'nt take the pic, sorry.  If you know who did punch him in the face!
Comment from Anonymous: I agree,  there is no order to that whatsoever,  disgusting
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: this is a nice late wait weapon, could of been given a higher cal., 
Comment from Da_man: wtf?  If your not a wpns tech you shouldnt do that

C7A2 *

Not Rated

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.
Comment from Da_man: neat

Rated 8 times, current rating is 4.23.

Comment from iggy5: Excellant and reliable
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: very nice small machine gun, nice cal., easy to move around , pick up.

Rated 14 times, current rating is 3.83.
Comment from Some body from The Netherlands, Europe: Everybody lie down on the floor and keep kalm!!!
Comment from Anonymous: Er,it's a Closed Bolt system not a Short Recoil System!!!!!!!!
Automatic Weapon's are either Closed or Open Bolt!!!!!
The .50 is Closed Bolt System!!!
That's why we have all those drill's for the .50 versus' the C6 which is a open bolt weapon.
Comment from Red: extreamley good medium range anti personal weapon 
the machine gun good for thouse tight situations when 
a bit of decent firepower is needed  
Comment from Anonymous: prob too late but it is a closed bolt short recoil operated weapon. open or closed bolt refers to the position of the breech before the trigger is squeezed
the short recoil operation refers to the method that the wpn is cycled i.e. the recoil force unlocks, and opens the breech. where-as the C-6 is gas operated and open breech. also the pic shows the anti-air ground mount which is a fun peice of kit  also.
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: very Impressive machine gun, Kick ass cal, fairly heavy peice of weaponary, could shot faster to make it abit better other wise buitiful killing machine

Rated 17 times, current rating is 3.9.

Comment from Anonymous: Hey look. theres a rabbit
Comment from MJ: this is a sweet gun
Comment from Roscoe: this is an Actual barrett. Being fired by a swedish operator I dont doubt the Barrett .50 is real but this sweed you're talking about I think the term is Solider  An operator is some one who sits behind a desk and answers a phone.......... dummy!
Comment from Anonymous: NOT A CANADIAN
Comment from Anonymous: Sniper are the way to get trough an army without been see!
Comment from hitman: nice, stuff.
Can be devastating to human targets, upto light cav.
Pierces up to 16 inches of homogeneous armor.
Comment from hitman: 
Sorry, I must have been drinking again.
Its 16 mm, not 16 inch, lol tho.
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: Heavy sniper rifle, nice cal., one shot one kill system with this bad boy, very nice range I beleive it's 1.5km or is it miles any way I'd prefer to use it over any other sniper rifle.

Rated 5 times, current rating is 2.59.
Comment from pyro_208: This is an army site get real! A canadian Army site for that matter
Comment from S_Baker: Hey Pyro208....Next time I will ask your permission to post a photo first....okay?
Comment from avro: why is there a usa flag there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from devastator: ...idiot... it's called a courtesy flag. they fly the big one at the front
Comment from Military Brat: pyro, you are a waste of rations. It clearly states that pictures in this category can be from foreign militaries. Learn to read or STFU.

Not Rated

Rated 3 times, current rating is 3.66.

Comment from Anonymous: Is it normal to be in front of a tube?  
Comment from Anonymous: they need help you dont stand in front of it like that thats a good way to get killed

Guess *

Rated 2 times, current rating is 4.
Comment from Anonymous: Ruger Model M77 , SAR ...it's 30.06 cal.  and better than a kick in the teeth. 
Comment from Dixon: Like the SAR-Techs at 417-Sqn letting me fire it, the promised funding is also non existent

Rated 13 times, current rating is 4.06.
Comment from Anonymous: Excellent pic. I had no idea how big the Barrett really was!
Comment from Sgt G Hebert 1 RCR: That's not a Barret numbnuts it's an RT-20 Croat 20mm Anti Material Rifle.IT IS NOT A CANADIAN WEAPON!!!!
Comment from Anonymous: one helava big gun - heheheh. nic pic
Comment from Anonymous: Pretty pic, pretty gun, seems an awful pack to carry though. Wonder if the upper-rear tube is a scope or a gas-exhaust tube or something?
Comment from CPT Mock, USA: It's a tube for the gas to escape/reduce recoil...
Comment from Troop: Photographer:Just keep pointing that muzzle downwards...
Private: Hmm, I wonder what's in those crates...
Comment from CroatBanger: It is croatian weapon of mass distraction - once you see it pointing at your ass, you will certainly be distracted
Comment from red: lets go bunny shooting
Comment from Army_Chick: Cool gun, cute boy, I'm pleased :)
Comment from Lexi: Wowzas, that is one big assed gun... I'd be running away if I spotted someone carrying that around! I guess he ain't that bad looking, eh Army Chick? Lol
Comment from Troop: Price range gun? (One round of 20x110 Hispano = +/- 20$)

Tank *

Not Rated

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.

Rated 3 times, current rating is 3.33.

Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: not the newist or best peice of artillery, but still if I were in combat I would want that peice of weaponery covering my ass.

Rated 11 times, current rating is 4.33.

Comment from Phil: ive used this wpn for 15 yrs it is the best medium mg in the invintory
Comment from Anonymous: It isn't a medium machine gun, it is a GPMG. General Purpose Machine Gun
Comment from Cpl. Grey: i tested one of these in trenten air base very good i recondmend that the army use the. Big recall and powerfull
Comment from Upham: LMG=5.56
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: This is one of the best weapons I've ever had the chance of handiling, 50.cal round 1800m effective range, 1000 rds a min, what else could you want from one hell of a machine gun.

C7A1 *

Rated 24 times, current rating is 3.66.

Comment from Anonymous: damn man where do you get your facts? the c7 is effective for longer than 300m!! look on www.diemaco.com (official manufacturers website)
Comment from Anonymous: its light, and its acurate, easy to maintain.
Comment from Anonymous: I would just like to add that the A1 rifle listed is only a A1 rifle if it is fitted with a grenade launcher.  This is what we are using in the military now.   Without the grenade launcher it is an ordinary C-7.
Comment from Redeye: Actually, the A1 designation denotes a flat-top (pseudo-Picatinny rail) C7.  The C7 has a carrying handle in its stead.  Whether an M203 is mounted or not it still is a C7A1.
As for effective range, according to the CF its effective range as an individual weapon is indeed 300m.
Comment from Hitler: I think this Gun dezerves about ten but i can't rate it that high. As for the Canadian Military... it may not be big like the States, but Canada does have one thing that the States doesn't. Canada has Brave soldiers all willing to put there life on the line for there country. Lets see the States compete against Bravery, and Skill, thet Canadians obviously have more than the U.S. 
From: Adlof, Hitler
Comment from Anonymous: not a bad weapon, after we basically re-designed the m-16A1. maybe we should have just designed our own weapon from scratch.
Comment from Sigma-6: It's actually a redesigned M16A2, man. And I can't complain, it's a fabulous rifle, (beats the M16A2 Hands down). . .    Incidentally, the 300m effective range is an aggregate for individuals. It's more effective than that in the hands of a skilled marksman. Further, the CF literature says that 'a section can concentrate effective fire out to 600m'.
Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: nice assault rifle,effective range fairly far, simular to the M-16, I did have the chance to fire it once I liked how light it was, but I hated that it didn't have as high cal. as I expect, if you wanna make it even more effective bust it up to 7mm or even 8mm.

Not Rated

Not Rated

Rated 1 time, current rating is 4.
Comment from meni0n: That bolt looks dirty. ;)

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.

Rated 5 times, current rating is 3.79.

Comment from Maxpower: I think that this rifle is going to look pretty trick.  I've heard though that we won't be getting the olive butt/ handguard but a cadpat one much like the new C8.
Comment from Anonymous: it will be a vast improvement over the old c7

Rated 4 times, current rating is 4.75.

Comment from Mcpl Yeomans: same as what I said about the c7 only this weapon is more like the car-15 or more popularily none as the M-4.  Other than that I enjoyed using this weapon and hope to use it again.

Rated 2 times, current rating is 4.
Comment from Spr.Earl: Let's get back to iron sight's!!!!
Telescopic sight's are a waste of money!!
History has taught us that real battle is faught at less than 100 mt.'s.

Rated 7 times, current rating is 4.42.

Comment from Anonymous: good relible weapond 
Comment from red: can you hook me up with this 'killerweaponray

Rated 4 times, current rating is 4.
Comment from L/MCpl_Argyll_ Kurrgan: How does it being green make it easier to handle?  Its the same mechanism as the C9/C9A1.  
Comment from Anonymous: I do not believe the the green is the color that the army should go with after all everything we are getting is in cadpat why not make the components that color
Comment from gremlin: This is a pic of the concept weapon  toe one the CF is getting has the welded barrel handel, the shorter bull barrel, and mounte the c9 iron sight as well as the A1 mount for the C79 (elcan)Optical sight.the reason for not going to the CADPAT furnature is because of the complexity of the painting of to metal components and the ease of manufacturing the plastic components in one colour.

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.
Comment from Anonymous: pimpin weapon!! buy more of them!

Rated 1 time, current rating is 4.
Comment from Just a Sig Op: No belts?

Rated 2 times, current rating is 3.
Comment from pyro_208: damn it no one here wants to see boats
Comment from S_Baker: Hey Pyro....DITTO

Rated 5 times, current rating is 4.59.

Comment from Maxpower: What about the optical sight! 
Comment from Just a Sig Op: It's on top of the upper receiver group.
Comment from msnoddon: This is half detailed strip and half normal strip... can't someone post a pic the way they learned on their recruit course?

Rated 2 times, current rating is 2.
Comment from L/MCpl_Argyll_ Kurrgan: They look like regular C7's to me.  C7A2's have a folding buttstock (like a C8), Green Furnature (Handguards and C79) and the triad mount under the foresight.  But nice try.
Comment from CI Phlipster: I'm sorry, I'm american.. I moved to canada and I was originally a Marine Cadet... in the US its M16A2... I guess in canada it's just a C7...eh.. sorry.

Rated 2 times, current rating is 5.
Comment from AlphaCharlie: Beautiful german world war two era weapons...

Rated 1 time, current rating is 5.

Not Rated

Not Rated

Rated 2 times, current rating is 4.
Comment from alex mcdougall: that thing blows real hard core ass
Comment from Military Brat: By looking at a picture you can tell that it blows hardcore ass? Odd. Nobody ever said a piece of military equipment had to look pretty, it just has to do the job - which I am sure anyone who was on the recieving end of a 105mm shell will attest to.

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