This is the new APC that the Canadian Army has purchased. It has the same turret as the Coyote, a 25mm Chaingun in a Delco turret, plus greatly improved mobility and vehicle power. Canada's initial order is for 240, which will eventually be extended to 651. The new APC will replace all F echelon APCs in service in 6 infantry battalions, 3 armoured regiments, 3 artillery regiments, and 3 engineer squadrons. The first deliveries will begin in 1998.

During the mobility trials a prototype pulled a Leopard 1 out of the muck in Gagetown. It is important to note that this APC is not the same vehicle as the Bison, and has much better mobility. It has larger tires, a more powerful engine, and a new hydropneumatic suspension. It has a longer and wider hull than the LAV-25, a crew of 3, and can carry a section of 10 infantry soldiers, who use a ramp with a crew door. It will not be amphibious.
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