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This is the Bison, an 8x8 APC used by the Canadian Army. It's chasis is identical to the U.S. Marine Corps LAV-25, except for the 25mm Bushmaster chain gun missing from this Canadian variant. The Bison has a crew of two and can carry an infantry section of 9 soldiers, who use a ramp with a crew door. The crew commander has a 7.62mm C-6 MG on a ring mount and the vehicle is fully amphibious. The Bison is superior to the Grizzly or Cougar in terms of mobility.

Following the procurement of the new Canadian APCs, all of the Bisons will be converted to ambulances, command posts, mortar carriers, recovery vehicles, and other combat support roles. This will enable infantry companies and recce squadrons to operate exclusively on the 8x8 LAV platform without combining vehicle types.

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