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Posted by Mark Bossi (M.A. Bossi, Esq.) from Toronto Ontario Canada on May 09, 2021 at 15:33:12:

In Reply to: Paying for medal mounting.... posted by Michael Dorosh on May 09, 2021 at 11:26:20:

Sorry to hear your CD is overdue - reminds me of a story I once heard: As the story goes, one day the postman arrived with a Registered letter. After signing for it, and opening it, the recipient discovers it's a military medal of some sort. In frustration and bitterness, he shoves it back at the postman and snarls "I'm not accepting this medal through the mail - I want a proper ceremony!" The postman, of course, is embarassed, but also flummoxed - the recipient has already signed for the Registered Mail, and the postman doesn't know how to "undo" this. Then, in a flash of inspiration, the postman takes the medal in hand, comes to attention, pins it on the bathrobe of the recipient, shakes his hand, thanks him for his military service, takes one step backwards, snaps him a crisp salute, does an about turn, and marches off smartly, leaving the recipient standing in the door of his home, gaping in amazement!!! (chuckle)

As for the suggestion of a medal for thirty non-consecutive days, etc. ... if this is true, I'm sorry to whine but, I must say this frustrates me since the CF has refused to recognise three months consecutive service on a domestic operation (ACP). It would irk me if somebody managed to accumulate thirty days in dribs and drabs (i.e. "swans"), yet somebody who served 90 days gets nothing simply because they were in Canada (serving the Canadian people directly!)

Pardon my bitterness, please.

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