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Posted by Burnt out from Canada on May 01, 2021 at 05:07:44:

In Reply to: Re: Gunner's comments posted by Gunner on April 30, 2021 at 21:27:44:

...but not quite. I find myself caught in opinion between the two of you. I'll move into the line of fire. Boyd, you speak with the voice of experience but you miss the mark. Canada simply is incapable of any NATO committment that carries weight; that is to say, we are incapable of fielding a bde sized mechanized force and MAINTAINING it in mid-intensity ops. It's what you are getting at, but say it. Gunner, you are a staff officer in higher HQ, you should know that we can't. It is unpopular to broach the subject, but, for example, Oka almost broke the supply system on certain critical items. So did the Gulf. Details are... not public domain. Supply is our biggest weak point. No attempt is presently undertaken by the supply system to maintain stocks in all areas to keep up a bde in war. Anyone out there disagree the supply system has had deficiencies in fulfilling demands on their tour simply thru high demand/low stocks? And that's in peacekeeping. (This does not reflect on the hard working supply pers. Rather the funding.) More importantly, Gunner... you neglected to consider all the infanteers who deployed without their parent regt. How can you be so articulate and knowledgable and not know how many troops I speak of? A company accompanies each battle group of armour and, I THINK, they went with your own fellow gunners, too. How about 1VP's contribution to Zaire? This additional deployment almost doubles their effective tours when you remember how many in a unit rarely deploy. All I know is, on my last tour we had several young inf private/cpls on their second tour of Bosnia and some older on their third tour of Bosnia. Some spt trades and engrs had more. That is alot, and the bare truth is not well reflected in the stats you quote. Too many tours. When these guys are home, they are also away on crse. On ex. On tasking. As well, we take quite a large number of reservists to fill the gaps, right? We couldn't deploy any of the bns at strength without them. Too much dead weight in the units that need to be replaced, as well as injured/compassionate mbrs. So how is it we have enough infantry? How is it we are ready to meet our NATO committments, when we don't have three months notice to prepare res augmentees and ad hoc sub-units, and we are called to assist in a crisis?

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