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Posted by Matt Fisher from Manassas VA USA on April 11, 2021 at 14:26:36:

In Reply to: You can try and get a dewat posted by Michael Dorosh on April 10, 2021 at 00:43:51:

To all you Canadian gunowners and anyone who enjoys being a "citizen" in a free democracy who are tired of being screwed by the Liberal/leftist/big brother in your back pocket government, you should join the National Firearms Association of Canada.

Their address is

The NFA is somewhat the Canadian counterpart to the National Rifle Association of America, where I am presently employed.

Anyone who thinks that registration of firearms and elimination of certain classes of weapons from law-abiding citizens should have a look at the raw facts:

Canadian customs estimates that of all the bulk shipping (sea containers, etc.) that come into Canada via seaports, only 2-5% of the cargo is inspected.
This leaves a huge area for organized crime elements to smuggle in firearms to sell to criminal elements on the black market, which they do so with vigor.

Thus the registration and elmination of weapons under C-17 and C-68 does not provide an effective means of controlling illegal weapons. The cost of maintaining a National Firearms Registry takes millions of taxpayer dollars away from methods of effective crime control.

See the NRA's website for more info, and in particular their Institute for Legislative Action
If you care about your the status of your individual freedomes, I strongly suggest that you join the Canadian NFA and exercise your democratic rights while you still have them!

One who bears arms is a citizen. One who is prohibited from doing so is a subject.

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