attack helicopters?

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Posted by interested from Canada on April 05, 2021 at 17:20:04:

a recent article in the ottawa citizens quotes several
Defense officials as looking to the future of the Canadian
Forces as requiring attack helicopters. I had just a few questions for the more learned persons
on this page:
1) Given that the Griffon helicopter is based on the old UH-1 airframe and
engines, would it not be possible to make use of some form of the AH-1 Cobra
attack helicopter?
2) If yes would acquiring used or previously owned CObra airframes represent one of the
better ideas for an attack helicopter for our forces?
3) If the answer to this is yes, then wouldn't the
adoption of the Cobra be a preferred decision,
after all we would be able to build or adapt used
airframes to the engines and equipment that our
forces use as well as keeping costs down


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