Re: When did the Canadian Armed Foreces Change?

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Posted by Matt Fisher from Manassas VA USA on February 10, 2021 at 19:00:27:

In Reply to: When did the Canadian Armed Foreces Change? posted by Wendo on February 09, 2021 at 23:30:26:

If you combine the facts that:
-the Canadian public perceives that we have no enemies in the world,
-the US will take care of all our security concerns,
-there is a feed of negative disinformation by an overzealous left-wing oriented media (although a free media does have an important place to keep the public informed),
-and a government (and opposition) in which the majority of Members of Parliament have never spent any time in the military, and lack any sense of Canada's defense needs,
you have the current environment in which the Canadian Armed Forces must function in.

You make an extremely good point about the Disaster Relief plan for a major west coast earthquake.

I personally think that moving the engineers (1 Combat Engineer Regiment, and the Engineering School) from Chilliwack was the worst thing that could have been done for an earthquake disaster response.

I can just see old Jean saying "dat is what you get for not voting Liberal, eh?" as he sits in his PM's residence watching the National as the headlines spout of brimstone and hellfire released on the residents on the BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island as the result of a much forecasted catastrophic earthquake, and official Emergency Preparedness Officials stating that a disaster relief column will arrive in 2 weeks from Edmonton Garrison, and that local reserve forces can offer little help as the BCR's Drill Hall slid down the hill into the BC Place Parking Lot, 12 Service Battalion's armoury sank into the Richmond mud, 6th Field Engineer Squadron is out of touch because the Lions Gate Bridge has collapsed, and the Seaforths have taken the opportunity of mass chaos and confusion to raid their neighbor, the Molson Brewery so as to stock their Mess Fridge...

Just my idle ponderings...

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