When did the Canadian Armed Foreces Change?

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Posted by Wendo from Richmond BC Canada on February 09, 2021 at 23:30:26:

I recently found this page, while trying to track down some dog tags, and started to read many of the postings.

Being a civilian, and never meeting anyone who has recently served in the Forces, I have been upset by items in the news regarding our Forces, when did it change, why is the Govenment treating it like another branch of the Govenment, with cut backs, as if a Helicopter or ship, or rifle is the same as a copier, or office supplies.

I have read about people having to go to food banks, members not having the right equipment when sent on peace keeping missions, helicopters so archic they might as well be in a musuem of flight.

Being a resident of Greater Vancouver, they closed our Chilliwack base. So if we ever have a major disaster, the army has to somehow make it here from Edmonton. (I know they just had a practice run in 99) Good luck if we have a major Earthquake. We have been abandoned on the West Coast. Another cut back so the Government could balance the books?

When did it change?, or has it always been underfunded?

I know I am just going on and on, but right now I am trying to come to tearms with what Canada means to me, and how unjust the whole system seems, no common sense, just people at the top taking advantage of us all.


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