Need help for son who wants to remain in forces

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Posted by Paul Steg (Concerned father) from St. Catharines Ont Canada on November 08, 2021 at 10:13:37:

I have a son involved in the military since cadets and malitia, now infantry. He was taken off course (V tec) due to torn ACL. Operated on in Newmarket by a doctor of cf choice 3x (couldn't get it right I guess) in less than a year. Put on full med after last surgury. Supposed to be completely healed in a year with therapy. Had severe pain (naturally) and was told by cf therapists if he couldn't do better in therapy not to come back. Some therapy! Performed all tasks assigned (mostly driving, but they did have him washing tanks while on crutches). Wonder why he didn't heal? Was supposed to go before reveiw board in Aug. They lost the paperwork. Supposed to go in Oct. Didn't happen. Can't get answers from anyone, jag included. Has only one year left of his contract and has heard through the grapevine they'll probably string him along and lose paper work until contract is up so they can wash their hands of him, eg. no pension, no retraining, nothing. This is happening to one of your commrades who desparetely wants a career in the forces.
Now with this situation stress is obvious. They broke him and now it seems they just want to toss him. Is this possible and is there anyoneone out there who can help. Please! Thanks in advance.

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