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Re: Reserve Officers

1.  I don't believe you would go to St. Jean as a reserve officer (maybe for 
some trades).  Assuming that you are going to a combat arm unit (because I 
don't know the reference to the (Plough Jockeys'), you would go to Gagetown, 
near Fredericton New Brunswick for training.  If given the option between 
MITCP and RESO, take reso, as you will get at least 2 summers employment, 
and much more detailed training.  All four combat arms train their officers 
in Gagetown, and the majority of the courses are combined regular/reserve.  
However, you would do a 4 week (? anyone know if this length is correct) 
Phase 1 course before commencing trades training on Phase 2 (which is 13 
weeks).  RESO Phase 1 is the equivelent of BOTC (Basic Officer Training 
Course) for the Regs (shorter however).
2.  St. Jean is actually St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, about 20 km outside of 
Montreal.  Not a bad location, but the 'Mega' sucks (a great big white 
elephant of a building in which almost all of the base is located).  It's 
the current location of the CF regular force recruit and BOTC courses.  In 
addition, there is a language school there.
3.  Depending where you are, you may be able to get an NCM QL2 (basic 
training) and possibly a QL3 (trades training) course over weekends in the 
winter.  Most of the QL2/3 courses are run in the summers, and that is 
probably the best option.  A combined QL2-3 course would be the quickest 
method of getting trained (again most of a summer employment).  It is 
important to note that you won't be able to do anything useful to the unit 
until QL2 trained, and your work in your actual trade will be slim to none 
until QL3 trained.
>From: "Nick Butler" <[email protected]>
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>Subject: Reserve Officers
>Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2021 13:39:13 EDT
>I'm strongly considering joining the Army Reserve when I return to school 
>September.  I have spoken to the recruiter for my local regiment (the 
>Jockeys).  He informed me that as I have a university education (at least
>almost!) I will probably be pushed in the direction of a career as an
>officer.  So I have a few questions which I hope some of you might be able
>to answer:
>1.  What does the Basic Officer course at St-Jean entail (how is it
>different from the basic course for NCM's?).
>2.  Where the heck is St-Jean?
>3.  Would it be wise to start my career as an NCM in September, as I
>wouldn't be able to take the Officer course until Summer 2001 anyhow? The
>recruiter I spoke to was kind of vague on if I would be able to start in
>September as an Officer Cadet or whether I would have to wait until
>finishing the course before I could parade with the unit.  I have to admit
>to being partially "in-it-for-the-money" although a sense of duty to my
>country and honouring the traditions of my family are also motivating me to
>join, so I'd like to get started ASAP.
>I hope I don't sound too ridiculous.  Thanks a bunch.
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