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Re: US Threat - was re: Ideal CF Size?

The last KNOWN contingency plan to counter a potential U.S. invasion of
Canada was prepared in the 1920s by a Col. Buster Brown. He invisioned
that we'd have an army about the size of the (then) recently disbanded
C.E.F. of WW1, with divisions making preemptory strikes into North
Dakota/Minnesota and on an on. A great pipe dream. He even made a few
undercover trips to the U.S. border areas and swanned-about gathering
information. Where was our army to come from? Well, we would quickly
mobilize what today would be called our PRes (then know as the NPAM) a
paper army at best.
The whole idea was ludicrous. Then and now. At least then we had the
possible protection from the Brits (likely not then to be counted on for
any real physical aid). Now it's
the elephant versus the mouse. 
Sleep tight, the U.S. doesn't NEED to invade us. They have everything
they need and if they want our water too they will get it. In exchange,
we'll get all the RC Cola we can drink at fair market prices. They don't
even have need for "fifth columnists" since Hollywood does the job for
them so well. Sneer, sneer, sneer....
Michael O'Leary wrote: (snip)
>. I doubt
> that any estimates were ever drafted at NDHQ on the forcible retaking of
> Argentia, which was 'occupied' by the US military from 1941 until 1997.
> mike
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