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Re: US Threat

I do believe there is a military threat from the USA.  It may not be on
everyones top ten list, but they do have plans for us.  Do you think they
would allow the chaos that would follow Quebec's separation, to remain for
long..  Chaos on their longest border would be a direct threat to them.
They have a long history of using their military to advance thier political
and economic goals.
This doesn't mean that I think we should try to protect ourselves from them,
it would be impossible.
It doesn't mean I am anti-Yank either, I am just pro-Canadian, and would
hate to see our way of life be totally wiped out because of political
I do believe we have a unique Canadian identity, I just don't feel the need
to force it down the throats of the rest of the world.
If you don't know what a Canadian is, that says more about you, than it does
Canada.  No amount of Politicians will ever be able to define what a
Canadian is.  They owe their true allegience(sp?) to their political party,
not to Canada.  That is the biggest shame of all.........
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From: Gunner <[email protected]>
> No, there isn't a military threat from the US, however, there is a
> threat to our sovereignty and how we can disassociate ourselves with US
> Policy, at the same time trying to reap the economic rewards of the
> close relationship we have enjoyed.
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