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Pay scale

The following comments were submitted by
Matt ([email protected]) on
Monday, June 19, 2021 at 13:01:57
to the Canadian Army Mailing List.
Hey all.
Um, I'm kinda worried about the pay with the
army. I mean, I know that servicemen don't make
a whole lotta cash, but if I join as an officer,
I'll be just fine to support myself and possibly
a family too, right?
I'm under the impression that a newly commisioned 
junior officer (2lt) would probably make about 40,000.
Now, if that's relatively close to accurate, I'm good with
that. But even if it was a lot less, it wouldn't really
really matter, of course. You guys all know that soldiers don't do
it for the money, they do it 'cuz they love it.
If anyone knows where I could find a reasonably
readable pay scale outline for the CF for officers, I would
be much obliged.
And what the hell were those guys bickering about earlier
through the mailing list?
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