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Re: Facts

Bob, it must feel terrible when no-one knows your abbreviations anymore and
the kids are all using one you don't know.   ;)
QL-2 - Qualification level 2 (Basic Training) like when the Centurion was
teaching you how to march and tie your sandals.
QL-3 - Qualification level 3 (Basic Tade training, like the basic Infantry
Course) that was when the Centurion was teaching you how to use your shield
and short sword without stabbing the legionairre beside you.
"Qualification levels" were once known as "Trade Qualifications." Some
staff officer probably got an outstanding PER for justifying the change. 
JTF-2 - Joint Task Force 2, Canada's Counter-Terrorist Unit. An elite unit
with very stringent entrance standards. They train at the Dwyer Hill
Training Centre near Ottawa, which hasn't been a secret since MacLeans ran
a multi-page article on the handover of the training site from the RCMP.
While the training activities, members and current locations of the unit
and its personnel are classified, their existence and their role in
Canada's defence are not. Young Peter should think about getting a few
years experience under his belt before he checks with his battalion Orderly
Room about their recruitment schedule. And yes, JTF-2 application is open
to reservists, but their employment will be a fulltime position for its
Pro Patria
At 08:05 PM 6/6/00 -0400, you wrote:
> Can someone please tell this old timer what QL-2 QL-3 and JTF-2
>Robert Childs Airborne Rigger Ret.
> Hello my name is Peter Nadasdy, i am currently in the army
>> reserves, i just finished my QL-2, and am going on my QL-3
>> this summer.If any body can tell me about JTF-2 that would
>> great.
Michael, Miriam and Roland O'Leary
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