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Re: P.RE Trudeau's War Service

>In short, the guy was not enthusiastic about fighting for his country.
Sorry to break the news to you, but Canada's military contribution would have
been a lot smaller if not for the pro-British elements in our society, at least
for the first few years of the war.  A view of the war as a "British" one is
correct from some points of view.  It didn't help that a few expatriate Brits in
the military tried to make commitments (to Britain) on Canada's behalf for which
they had no authority.
>He took the easy way out.
Going against the beliefs and will of the majority is never easy.
>All part of his arrogant, sumg, socialist, anti-British attitude.
Exchange "capitalist" for "socialist", and "pro-US" for "anti-British", and you
could be talking about Mulroney.
Exchange "anti-demonstrator" for "anti-British" and you could be talking about
>His language was quite nationalistic is his younger days.
In his later days, he was equally nationalistic - Canadian.  That much can also
be said for Chretien; maybe some of it rubbed off.
>He had very little interest in the military. Too pacifist, mabye that's why he
didn't enlist.
How many of our political leaders, national and provincial, have served in our
>He is truely one political leader that I really loathe.
He's one I admire.  Willingness to bear arms isn't the only mark of a good
citizen.  I don't think there was ever uncertainty about where he stood on an
issue, and he has more backbone than anyone since, and many before him.
Brad Sallows
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