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Re: [FS_Announce] Letter To An Unknown Soldier | Doug Collins

 This is an e-mail I recently recieved. Not written by me of course but "interesting" none the less. Just want to see what the feedback is.

May 26, 2021

Dear Unknown Soldier:

Welcome back. It has taken you a long time to get here and those who
have been to the wars have to blink back a tear at the thought of your
coming home. For your war, which was to have been the war to end all
wars, was the worst war of all. You probably struggled through the mud
many times, wondering whether the brass-hats had gone mad in ordering
you forward.

If you could open your eyes today, though, your disbelief might be even
greater. They have put you in a good place in Ottawa, but it is not the
Ottawa you may have known, either topographically or temperamentally.
Sam Hughes, the general and defence minister of your years, was said to
be off his rocker. But he was sanity in excelsis compared with those who
rule us now.

You may have come from Toronto. If you did I wish I could take you for
a walk through that city, which in your day was the Queen City of what
was known as English Canada. It is that no longer, the politicians who
congregate in the Parliament Buildings near you having decided, with the
playwright, that they would like to "dismiss this people and elect
another." As a Jewish minister for multiculturalism. once told me, "You
can forget the Canada of 1945, we're making a new Canada."

Multiculturalism is a new word for you. What it means is that on that
walk we cannot take, you might think we were in Somalia, the Caribbean,
India or China. It's much the same everywhere else. Here in British
Columbia, immigration has made the name of the province a joke. To crown
the joke, we have a Sikh premier. In Ottawa we have a Governor
Generaless who hails from Hong Kong. We also have something called
bilingualism. It is untrue to say that everything changes and everything
remains the same.

It's good that you cannot speak, because if you did your opinions would
probably be damned as "racist" and instead of lying in state in the
Parliament Buildings you would have been hauled before the Canadian
Human Rights Commission.That too is something new: tyranny in the name
of freedom. In this New Canada it is dangerous to give vent to views to
which some people object. You can be fined for hurting someone's

You would blink in astonishment, too, at the thought that a regiment  could
be disbanded when a few of its members did the wrong thing in Somalia or
some place. Wrong things sometimes happened on the Western Front, as you
know, but no battalions were  were ever disbanded. They just had to go on
struggling through the mud.These days, the rules are set by the weak, the
wimps and the demented.

This letter may be "hate literature," another new thing to you.  You may
have hated the Germans when you were fighting them, but in the Year of
Our Lord 2000, all hating is out, unless you are hating "racists." So is
the Lord.The  Christian Cross has been thrown out of public buildings and
prayers have been thrown out of most schools, just as Canadian history
has been amended to satisfy the New Canada. All this would be very confusing
to you -- far more confusing than Flanders Fields.

You would not believe, I am sure, that 100,000 babies a year are being
flushed down the drain.That's more than were killed in many of the battles
you fought.You would also be amazed that we have handed over our political
fate to a bunch of social engineers in Ottawa known as the Supreme Court of
Canada. They are our real rulers, and rule in favor of sodomy. Soon, men
be able to marry one another. What would you and your comrades have thought
of that?

It's a pity you cannot see the flag they draped over your coffin. You
knew the Union Jack and the Red Ensign. But they were torn up years ago.
It won't be long, either, before the same thing is done to the Queen and
to the constitutional monarchy. It's a wonder we still have the "royal"
in the RCMP, attempts having been made to remove it. It disappeared
years ago from the Royal Mails.

Dear Unknown Soldier, I cannot speak for you and you France, today's
Canada being as foreign to you as the country in which you lay for over
80 years.

Given a choice, would you fight for the New Canada?

Yours in sorrow and respect,