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Re: dumb ass

To bad you can't act like one I must be getting old young women never spoke
like that in my day. But then I quess things change (for the worse)
BTW i am old enought to be your Grandfather. If you swore like that in my
home you would find your self on the street
Robert Riggere Retired
> Ok, now, first of all, I'm a fucking female! Okay??! And, second of all, I
> am old enough to be here! i'm fucking 16 years old, okay??! Got a problem
> that??! And, third of all, don't fuck around w/ me sonny, cause you don't
> want to be messing around w/ me! Trust me on that one!
> Oh, and um, BTW! This one's for the guy who thought I was a "son using his
> mommy's computer and hotmail account while she was shopping!" What a loser
> you are! You must be a VERY stupid person!
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